What Makes People Worthy Of Being A Recipient Of The Most Loving People Of Our Time Award?

Being recognized is nice.

But just being mentioned isn’t enough.

Context is SUPER important.

That’s why, other than just mentioning the recipients of The Most Loving People of Our Time Award as I did in my prior post, I want to give you a taste of who they are and why I chose them.

Let me just say, however, that even my most loving opinion of them does not do them justice!

Just know that the inspiration that I have received from them is pale in comparison to how meaningful your exposure to them can be. I’m not sharing them with you because I love them. I’m sharing them with you because they can genuinely help you. So make an effort to learn more about them.

Context Is Important

Before we start, let me share that in today’s post I’ll highlight the first 3 people from The Most Loving People of Our Time list that I wrote in my prior post.

Why just 3 people?

Because as I was saying, context is SUPER important, not just in terms of what we say about people, but in how many other people are recognized for the same types of things at the same time.

For example, suppose that at the Oscars, the amount of Hollywood people getting an Oscar was ten times the amount what it currently is. 20 times more. 60 times more. The award would kinda start to lose value, don’t you think? Plus, the speeches would be limited to 10 seconds. This moment wouldn’t be as special for the recipients or their followers, right?

It’s not that we don’t live in an abundant world where the contributions of many are worthy of recognition, it’s just that sometimes, exclusivity is special.

And we all like feeling special from time to time.

Plus, keep in mind that as far as I’m concerned, there has never been a Most Loving People of Our Time Award list before, soooo these recipients have the luxury of being the first ever to be given this recognition.

The Format of the “Awards” Presentation

All of the people who made the list, including the people who I’ll be highlighting today hold a special place in my heart.

And I believe that the most important “award” that I can offer them are my words. A perspective, a recommendation and an endorsement all rolled into one. Not only so that they can read their description and feel special, but so that you can learn more about them.

In order to force myself to not ramble about them (although I probably did a little), I organized each post by talking about:

  • Who they are
  • What their best talent is
  • What I admire most about them

So let’s get started, shall we?

The First 3 Most Loving People of Our Time Award Recipients

Mayi Carles*****

Mayi Carles portrait

Photo Source: http://heartmadeblog.com/about/

Who she is: Mayi calls herself a tiny Panamanian with a T-Rex heart. But ever since I’ve gotten to know her, she is much more than that. That self-description doesn’t do her justice. Yeah, a T-Rex heart may be big, but her heart is e-n-o-r-m-o-u-s.

Mayi is an amazing artist with a very solid and worldly art education. She’s studied in Italy and in some of the top art schools in the world.

You know what’s even more impressive than her education, though? Her intuitionAND her courage to face her fears in order to play an active super-power role in creating a life where her dream job and her dream life coexist in perfect harmony.

Mayi has an innate art talent that she has been practicing since she was 2 years old and which thankfully, has been fostered by her parents.

What her best talent is: Her best talent?? There are tooo many to mention, but she is super wise… wise enough to know that in life, LIVING is the most important thing.

  • Not conforming.
  • Not second-guessing.
  • Not crippling under your tsunami of thoughts that range from thinking that you don’t have any idea about what to do with your life to having soooo many ideas, that you’re really paralyzed.

I have a strong suspicion that if you were born, lived ONE DAY as Mayi and then passed away the next day, your one day of life would be a LIFE well-lived. That’s how A-L-I-V-E Mayi is, and how alive she makes you feel.

And what keeps you alive, Mayi alive and everybody alive? The heart, of course!!! And it plays a strong role in her life. It’s not a coincidence, therefore, that her blog is called www.heartmadeblog.com .

Mayi is kind, accessible and cares about her community. She’s genuine. She’s very smart and uses her intelligence to help other creative entrepreneurs have a business that is built for them and which they can do from home, in their pijamas.

What I love her most for:  Again, there are sooo many reasons why. But her ability to connect with people is off-the-charts! (Look into the way that she expresses herself in her blogs and in her videos. Holy cow! You know it’s Mayi, when Mayi expresses herself regardless of what medium it’s in!)

She’s connected with me, but what’s perhaps even more impressive that that is that she’s connected with my toddler to the point that he prefers watching her videos over any kid-friendly educational song, Toy Story movie, Zumba workout, engaging exercise workout or over anything else. And he knows that we can watch Mayi on TV, on the computer, on the phone, on the tablet and he even knows that Mayi has a blog (because I talk to him more about Mayi’s blog than my own blog). But, if you ask him, “Where does Mayi live?” He’ll tell you, “Panamá.” AND, Mayi has done such an excellent job in her branding, that if my son sees her illustrations anywhere, he’ll recognize them and without any prompting, he’ll say that they were made by the one-and-only, Mayi.

The Heartmade community is one of the most loving communities I’ve ever come across. And it takes a great leader like Mayi to attain that sort of loyalty and interest.

Mayi is a fellow foodie who also cares about consuming high-quality and nutritious ingredients that are delicious. Her latest creation, Life Is Messy Kitchen Cookbook is a must-see! You can find more information about it here: http://heartmadeblog.com/the-life-is-messy-kitchen-book-launch-party/ . Plus, the recipes are kid-friendly and spouse-friendly, too.

And I LOVE that probably her biggest lesson to all of us is to be authentic.  Authenticity can open doors, can open hearts, and can open realms of a life that is much more creative, meaningful, and joyous than we could ever imagine. The world is very supportive toward loving and authentic people. Mayi has taught me that.

Why do I say that? Because in a nutshell, Mayi has taught me to see myself in a better light. It’s almost like she’s saying, create a tall pedestal, grab the ladder, climb it, stand on your pedestal and don’t be afraid to create and inspire others from there. Not with a narcissistic mentality, but rather, with an I-value-myself-enough-mentality that who I am and what I do can help you. So, watch me!

What’s my absolutely favorite thing about Mayi?

The answer: How Mayi makes you feel when you interact with her. What’s her secret? Her heart. She has a genuine heart of gold. The type that SEES the other person’s virtues more than any of their defects. (Maybe her giant glasses as shown in her photo above grant her that super-power to really, really, really SEE you). And best of all, Mayi’s heart of gold isn’t shy… oh no! It’ll tell you why it loves you and to top it off, it’ll show you.

Her unforgettable way of interacting with you is worth happy-dancing about! Party props and all!

Dr. Wayne Dyer****


Photo Source: http://www.drwaynedyer.com/about-dr-wayne-dyer/

Who he is: Dr. Dyer has been called the Father of Motivation, although he prefers being called the Father of Inspiration.

The reason why he prefers to be the Father of Inspiration is because being inspired means to be “in spirit” while essentially, there is not much we can do to motivate others because the deepest, most lasting, most meaningful motivation that there is comes from inside of us.

He is a vibrant, joyous 75 year-old Hay House author and speaker who focuses on spiritual growth and personal development. And what an author he is!! He has at least 40 books (because he essentially is always working on his next one)… 20 of which are New York Times bestsellers.

What his best talent is: For me, and for many people, he was the first person to show us the connection between psychology and spirituality.

He has been my greatest spiritual teacher.

I have loved his teachings because they are intelligent, relatable, inspirational, beautiful and refreshingly true.

Many times, I have wished that I were his daughter. He has not been perfect all of his life, but he is the type of person who has done the self-improvement work people say they’ll do, but never do or never complete. He has made changes in the name of love… for his forgiveness issues towards his parents (particularly his father), for his children, for his wife, for his purpose (or charism), and for his health.

He has worked so much on himself that if you were to ask me, who have you come across who is self-actualized (like Maslow’s version of the word)… it would be him.

What I love most about him: He has taught me what will perhaps (and hopefully) be the biggest lesson that I’ll ever learn in life and that is, “Don’t die with your music still in you” because if there is ONE thing I fear that I want to avoid in life it is getting to the end of my life and thinking to myself, “What if my whole life has been wrong?” To me, that would be devastating. A prime example of a life WASTED.  And I love and treasure life too much to just treat it like a absurd, failed and stupid dress rehearsal.

As if that teaching wasn’t enough, I’ve had the honor to see him speak a couple of times. And let me just say… that those two nights hearing him onstage are two of the most luminous, ALIVE, mind-blowing nights, peaceful and joyous in my entire life.

His simple presence does that to you.

The first time I saw him… unforgettable!!

The second time I saw him… it was quite eye-opening. What he said on stage wasn’t what impacted me the most, because by that time, I had read, listened and learned quite a bit from his work, so I was familiar with a lot of what he said and the stories he shared.

HOWEVER, even though he spoke for hours, and the event organizer said after his presentation that he wouldn’t be doing a book signing because he would be going to his hotel room to rest, Dr. Wayne Dyer chose to stay talking to a small crowd of people. He didn’t just say, hi. No..no. He asked about people to talk about themselves as if they were the celebrity and he was the fan. And he also surprised a couple of people who were expecting a baby with a copy of his books Incredible You! and Unstoppable Me!, which are excellent books for children of ALL ages.

He did this for HOURS AFTER the presentation. And he even autographed my book!!! But wait, that’s not all! I had the most glorious spiritual aha moment while I was there watching him interact with the other people in that small group. Not to belittle anybody’s religious beliefs, but watching him interact so lovingly and patiently for SUUUUCH a long period of time, even though he essentially was excused from his duties to interact with his audience made me think to myself…. the way that Dr. Wayne Dyer interacts with others must be what it’s like to see Jesus Christ interacting with others. As corny as it was to think this, I felt a deep sense of gratitude for living during a time where Dr. Wayne Dyer is alive and has influenced consciousness sooooo much.

And he has influenced me soooo much. He has been the best balm for my heart wounds, has taught me to see the light instead of to see the darkness, has taught me that I’m more than what I think I am, that life is better than I ever thought it was. And I could go on.

Do I idolize him? No, although it surely sounds like it, doesn’t it?

What he has taught me with his actions more than his words, is how to really love a “stranger” with the awareness that we are all one… and much more connected than what we even think is possible.

There is one worry that I have with Dr. Wayne Dyer, though and that is, that as promising as passing away may be… I fear the day when he will. I’m saying this not because of his age, but because of his love.

I want to live in a world, where loving people like him exist and spread the love in immeasurable ways. 

Brendon Burchard*

Brendon_Burchard_speaking Photo Source: http://brendonburchard.com/about/

Who he is: There are a lot of great people in the world, but someone that I always turn to when I want a pick-me-up is Brendon.

He gets my soul, he gets my psyche, he gets my vision, he gets my life.

He has a YouTube channel and a podcast, both of which are highly successful. And his following on Facebook is a-s-t-r-o-n-o-m-i-c-a-l-l-y impressive.

He is a New York Times bestselling author and one of the (if not THE) highest paid motivation and marketing trainer(s) in the world. He is highly sought after by many influential people (authors, speakers, politicians, and even Oprah’s team).

What his best talent is: His ability to synthesize the human experience and to teach practical lessons for moving our life and our business forward is top-notch! 

I love the lessons he teaches with his white boards and giant post-it notes. He makes me feel like I’m taking the most important official class for success. And by the way, his definition for success is a great one… that goes far beyond just acquiring money.

Brendon knows his stuff sooooo well that as soon as you see and hear him in his YouTube videos, you’ll notice that he can deliver advice without scripts or TelePrompTers. Instead, he delivers from his heart and mind… boom…. to yours.

He’s a great speaker and coach. Why? Because he knows how to listen.

What I love most about him: It’s always refreshing to me to see how people who weren’t necessarily “destined” to be great become great regardless of their circumstances. That, my friend is will power.

Brendon makes a little fun of where he comes from. He has lots of humility about his roots and the financial hardships that he went through as a young boy. Most importantly, though, the way he talks about his past reveals that as much as possible, if not completely, he replaced the tough times with the good times. You can tell this because of the way that he expresses his appreciation and compassion for the love that he and his siblings received from his parents and the wisdom that his now late father shared.

It’s almost like Brendon became successful not because of what he lacked at various times during his life but because of what he had inside of his heart to share. Despite his financial struggles, his true richness was there inside him all along. His heart is, in my opinion, his golden ticket.

Brendon is the type of person who you would want to hang around due to his positivity that he generates from within him, his outlook in life and his tremendous wisdom. The beautiful thing about his wisdom is that he has cultivated it by studying personal development books DAILY for YEARS. Meaning, he didn’t expect this level of wisdom to fall on his lap, he pursued it diligently. And he continues to pursue wisdom.

I like how Brendon is so willing to share what he knows and knock years off of your learning curve simply because he wants you to succeed. And he knows that you can. And while he does run a business and he does sell products, his free training videos are some of the most purposeful, content-packed and useful videos I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen many.

Another thing that’s soooo neat about Brendon is that even though now he hires people to support him in his many tasks (and I love that he hires his family)… he is actually knowledgeable in most of the tasks involved and he continues to do them. For example he continues to do many of his thank you pages, sales pages, etc. … because you can tell that he enjoys that type of involvement. Yet even the things that he’s hired out, he purposely learned them in order to be able to know enough about them to be able to communicate well with the people he hired when requesting help. Isn’t that wise!?

Most of us want “help” but unless we know EXACTLY what we want and are able to communicate what our vision is EXACTLY, then we’ll be unsatisfied with the help that we get. Learning more so we can be able to communicate better is a premise that we can apply to all areas of our life.

Aside from what he gives to the world… I like him as a person.

In my eyes, a true man is one who is able to cry in public and not feel ashamed of it.  Brendon, is the speaker whom I’ve seen almost reach that point, of crying that is, because he is a true man. His interviews with Paulo Coelho and Tony Robbins were touching because Brendon listens like he’s a kid looking up to others. Not because they’re famous, but because he recognizes that the stories that each person has gone through are powerful. His heart is one that is visibly able to connect with others. That’s one of his gifts.

Brendon’s honest, kind-hearted, and knowleadgeable about many motivational topics as well as business topics. The way I think of him is that he’s well-rounded in the things that matter.

He’s the real deal.

And look! Brendon and Wayne have also connected heart-to-heart! Pretty neat, right?

Now It’s Your Turn

So now that you heard how absolutely amazing I feel these three people are, it’s your turn to let me know what you think of them.

  • Had you ever heard of these 3 The Most Loving Award Recipients?
  • If you had, what do you like the most about them?
  • If you hadn’t heard about them, go to their YouTube channel, choose 1 video to watch, then pinky-promise that when you’re done watching (if you can actually stop watching) you’ll come back and let me know what your first impression of them was, what you liked about them, or what you learned from them just through that one video.

I GREATLY look forward to reading your comments below.

Mayi’s YouTube Channel: 


Wayne’s YouTube Presence:


(Notice that even though he doesn’t have a you tube channel, there are many pages worth of his content. Feel free to scroll through and find a topic that speaks to you).

Brendon’s YouTube Channel:



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