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The Most Loving People Of Our Time List (Who Once Lived Or Are Alive Now)

The world we live in often filled with lists, such as the New York Times Bestseller List, the Most Beautiful People List, the best list of such-and-such, the top 10 list of that-or-the-other, but there is one list that I’ve never seen and that’s The Most Loving People Of Our Time List (Who Once Lived Or Are Alive Now)

While many of today’s lists are focused on the most powerful, rich, talented, influential or beautiful people, as the name of this list implies, this one, is focused on love.

“Why love?” you may ask.

Simply put, love is our greatest legacy. Not our executive power, not money, not talent (although sometimes it is), and definitely not our beauty. Our influence can be our greatest legacy, especially when we focus on how we make others feel.

Last week, I created a list of the most loving people of our time. It was a general list that honored many groups of people but nobody specifically. I published that list to remind us, that we’re all very loving already and capable of loving even more.

Today, I’m going to give you what I think are the most loving people who currently live or who once lived. (And by the way, I’m hardly ever wrong… especially when it comes to matters of the heart). 😉

What Is The Criteria for Making It To The Most Loving People Of Our Time List?

Before I reveal the list, let me share that the criteria that I used for choosing the people who grace this list.

  • They are the type of person that if you met them after a talk, a presentation, an appearance, a book signing or a course, they would stayas long as they possibly could to interact with you as long as they possibly could in a friendly and in-the-moment way. Meaning that if you displayed interest in talking to them, they would display interest in talking to you.
  • They would be as nice to you in their own supermarket (or mall) as they would be in front of a camera, behind a microphone or in a public appearance.
  • They would see the best in you because they see the best in humanity.
  • They use their heart and kindness to change the world.
  • Once you met them, you would be a better person because you did. You would treasure your interaction with them, but more than anything you would treasure what they taught you was possible for you.
  • Many of these people are public philanthropists, but it is very likely that the rest of them are private philanthropists. Besides, the most important philanthropy you can give is the philanthropy of the heart. Love has no price. It has no limits. It’s free for everyone to give, but not everybody on the planet is up for that type of giving.
  • They treat you like an equal.
  • They like to teach and inspire and they provide some of the best lessons in their Industry.
  • They want you to attain the success that you dream for yourself, practically as much, if not more, than they want their projects to be successful (that’s why they teach the important things that they do).
  • The people on the list who are alive, are as okay about talking about their triumphs as they are talking about their failures because they know that their failures have taught them very important lessons and have allowed them to be the person they are today.
  • Regardless of whether they are introverted or extroverted, they spend their time uplifting others and uplifting consciousness.
  • To a small or a great degree, they change the world.

If This List Is A List Of The Most Loving People, Shouldn’t This List Be As Large As A Library?

Is this an exhaustive list of the most loving people who have ever lived?

Of course not.

ESPECIALLY because I know that many of the most loving people are not even in the public eye. They’re the stranger that helps a homeless person. The mother who doesn’t leave her child battling a medical condition. The father who is present for his children instead of only being present for his job.

But, in order to provide you with a more tangible example of what it means to be loving, I’ve included a list of mostly well-known people. That way, you can see that being successful, wealthy or well-known is not mutually exclusive from being loving.

For many of these people, their talent makes them great, but their love makes them simply unforgettable.

And by the way, if you don’t recognize some of these names, I highly recommend that you take the time to learn about them because aside from being loving, they’re downright awesome!

Plus,  if you’re ever looking for a list of people whom you want to emulate, meaning be more like, this is a great list. At the very least, these people are inspirational. For their struggles, for their triumphs, for reflecting the best that humanity has to offer, for the belief in their own dreams, for the attainment of them and for their willingness to show you how to reach yours.

The Key To Better Understanding The Most Loving People Of Our Time List

I have gotten to know many of these people through books, media platforms, public appearances and one-on-one interactions.

In order to help you identify who’ve I’ve personally interacted with:

  • I’ll write 1 asterisks next to the people whom I’ve had one-way communication with via social media, meaning that I made a comment on one of their posts but they didn’t respond to my comment.
  • I’ll write 2 asterisks symbols next to people whom I’ve interacted with via social media (meaning, they responded to my comments).
  • I’ll write 3 asterisks symbols next to people whom I’ve spoken to on the phone.
  • I’ll write 4 asterisks symbols next to people whom I’ve met in person.
  • I’ll write 5 asterisks symbols next to people whom I’ve interacted with personally via email or mail (and who by default, have also interacted with me via social media).

And just so you know, the order of the people does not determine how loving they are.

The Most Loving People Of Our Time List

The Most Loving People That Probably Everybody Recognizes Are:

  1. Oprah*
  2. Tony Robbins *
  3. Deepak Chopra*
  4. John Paul II ****
  5. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  6. Princess Diana of Wales
  7. Mother Teresa of Calcutta
  8. Maya Angelou****
  9. Nelson Mandela

The Most Loving Spiritual and Religious Figures (That I Know Of)

  1. Jesus Christ
  2. The Virgin Mary
  3. Angels (not only the non-physical kind, but the angels that I do believe walk this planet today)
  4. Buddha

The Most Loving People That You May Or May Not Recognize, But Whom I Highly Recommend That You Learn About (They Are All Alive)

  1. Mayi Carles*****
  2. Wayne Dyer****
  3. Brendon Burchard*
  4. Ellen DeGeneres*
  5. Brené Brown*
  6. Jonathan Fields*****
  7. Gary Zukav****
  8. Paulo Cohelo*
  9. Esther Hicks*
  10. Marie Forleo***
  11. Sonia Choquette****
  12. Meadow Linn*****
  13. Denise Linn*****
  14. Cheryll Richardson*
  15. Erin Cox*****
  16. Louise Hay*
  17. Marianne Williamson*
  18. Susan Cain**
  19. Don Miguel Ruiz (I signed up for one of his courses, but his son gave the course instead, due to the fact that Don Miguel was ill)*
  20. Pema Chödrön*

Now It’s Your Turn

Now, I’d love to hear from you!

  • Which 3 people from this list do you think are the most loving?
  • Which 3 people who arenot on this list and who are well-known (that way we can all have access to them) do you think are extremely loving?

Share your answer to either or both of these questions in the comments below.


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    I agree mostly with this list but I can’t believe you didn’t put Mr. Rogers on this list

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