Who Are the Most Loving People Of Our Time?

The following is a list of The Most Loving People Of Our Time.
It is not necessarily in the order of importance because all of the positive ways that love is manifested is important in its own way.
But I have to say that I AM biased and I believe that women are the most loving people not only of our time, but of all time.  Especially mothers of children and mothers of projects that will positively impact the lives of others.
So without further delay, here’s the list:


  • Women who willingly sacrifice their dreams, their ambitions, their essence, their beauty to care for others and to love them.
  • Women who have found out that it’s possible to have it all.
  • Women who change the world, which includes every women, because every woman does.



  • Children for simply being children.
  • Children who brighten the lives of their parents.
  • Children who love us unconditionally despite of our conditions.
  • Children who make us realize how complete life can be. And how immensely blessed we are to have them around.
  • Children who have not yet forgotten that their mission is to have fun to love and to be loved.
  • Children who experience immense emotional and physical pain, but still find the courage to love again.
  • Children, who are the greatest gift we’ve ever been given… and we wonder how someone could have deemed us so worthy to give us this gift.
  • Children, the most loyal companions of our soul.


  • People who support positive causes.
  • People who start their own good causes


  • Couples who really want to connect with one another, be empathetic toward one another, heal each other,  support one another and grow together.
  • Couples who know how to say I’m sorry from the heart— not because they have to, but because they genuinely want to.
  • Couples who know that the hurt that they feel when they know they’ve hurt someone is simply a reflection of the the hurt they inflicted upon themselves.
  • Couples who want to conceive, are having trouble doing so, but keep on trying…. not for selfish reasons, but because they feel that there is a life that wants to be conceived through them and who wants to experience life with them.
  • Couples who adopt because they want to love someone who has hardly perhaps hardly experienced it.


  • Mothers who stay home with their children and are present for them.
  • Mothers who work but still make the time to be present .
  • Mothers who want the best for their children instead of wanting the best for themselves.


  • Fathers who are involved in their children’s upbringing, character development and education .
  • Fathers who don’t minimize the role that mothers play.

GRANDPARENTS (Especially grandmothers)

  • Grandparents who go for quality love instead of quantity love and are prudent in how present they are in the lives of their grandchildren.
  • Grandparents who give presents, but most importantly their presence.
  • Grandparents who make a inarguable effort to love all of their grandchildren equally no matter the physical distance between them.
  • Grandparents who love unconditionally, when parents can’t.
  • Grandparents who love their grandchildren soooo much that each grandchild forever thinks that they were the grandchild who their grandparent loved the most.


  • Siblings who never feel that they have to compete for their parent’s attention, love and support.
  • Siblings who are willing to spend time together as adults, without the parents being present.
  • Siblings who can go and have fun alone, without spouses, children or parents.
  • Siblings who are never too old to play board games or video games.


  • Friends who keep their pinky promise that they’ll be friends forever.
  • Friends who show with their words and with their actions that they value your friendship.
  • Friends who don’t stand you up. EVER.
  • Friends who make time for you. ALWAYS. (Especially when you take the time to contact them).
  • Friends who remember your birthday.


  • Writers who want to inspire through their story.
  • Writers who want to inspire through truth.
  • Writers who put the comprehensive and complex human being on a pedestal for us to learn more about ourselves.


  • Entrepreneurs who start or sustain businesses to change the world.
  • Successful entrepreneurs who never forget what it was like to start and are willing to help the person just starting out.



  • Coaches that truly inspire people to reconnect with themselves.
  • Coaches who guide people to surpass their limitations.


  • Educators who teach from the heart and always find a way to teach what really matters.
  • Educators who teach students to believe in themselves when nobody else does.

CELEBRITIES (Definition: People in the public eye who really deserve to be celebrated for their worthwhile contributions)

  • Celebrities that use their fame, wealth and influence to elevate others instead of themselves.


  • The wealthy who use their wealth to improve the physical conditions, and most importantly, the emotional conditions of others.
  • The wealthy who realize that riches are best enjoyed when they’re shared with those whom you love and care about.


  • The poor who are willing to give what little they have because they know what it’s like to suffer deficiencies.
  • The poor who realize that their greatest riches are in their heart, no matter how much their savings improve in the future,


  • People who support the dream of others with encouragement.
  • People who support the dream of others with their pocketbook in institutions like Kickstarter and Kiva.
  • Caregivers to the sick.
  • People who happily and consciously choose to stay in ill-paying jobs because they truly believe in the service they provide to those that they serve.
  • Peacemakers.
  • People who would give up their life to save another even when they’re off duty and wouldn’t be paid (even if they survived).


  • Health practitioners who remove the pain from the body.
  • Healers (which can include every one of you) that willingly help others remove pain from the heart.


  • People who love like they’ve never been heartbroken.
  • People who never lose their faith in love.
  • People who realize that love is the greatest luxury and the greatest responsibility.
  • People who know that hoarding love and failing to express it is the greatest disservice that we can do, and the greatest self-sabotage to our live’s  fulfillment and happiness.
  • People who are clear that the purpose of life is to love and who love without reservation.
  • People who realize that they may be hurt while avoiding and ignoring love, so they might as well get hurt while experiencing love.

Now It’s Your Turn

In the comments below, I would love to have you answer this:

  • Who have been the most loving people in your life?
  • Who do you think are the most important people of our time?
  • In your mind, who wins the title of most loving?


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