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Why Are Love Relationships More Important Now Than Ever Before? by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure Blog you can find at

Why Are Love Relationships More Important Now Than Ever Before?

What Do Love Relationships Represent For Us?

When we think about love, or our pursuit for love… very often, we think about the benefits that love will bring to us. We also think about the benefits that loving those who are near us will have… but that’s where our “love reach” usually stops.

Yet, there is soooo much more to love that we often don’t think about, talk about or much less, SEE that can help us understand way more about life than we ever realized.

And you know how it is… often, we can “see” things more clearly when they’re absent from our lives than when they’re present.

So let’s go there for a bit.

Think about your life.

And let me ask you something.

Why aren’t you the FULL person you know you’re meant to be?

(Listen to your own response).

Ask yourself the question: Why?

(Listen to your own response).

Ask yourself again: Why?

By now, (most of you) should have gotten to a pretty similar understanding as everybody else.

When you think about your first limitation, or excuse you ever came up with for why you aren’t the FULL person you’re meant to be or asked yourself the series of questions I just posed to you, most of you said that you haven’t been able to reach your absolute full potential because you were wounded as a child and you didn’t receive enough love.

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love and treasure valentine's day tag 2016 created by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure blog at

Love and Treasure Valentine’s Day Tag 2016

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I would like to make the post for this week fun and light.

Specifically, I’d like to ask you to participate in the Love and Treasure Valentine’s Day Tag 2016.

You’re welcome to answer them just for your own purposes, with your partner, on your blog, on your YouTube video or on any other social media outlet that you enjoy.
Please be warned that if you answer them with your partner…. they may realize that what they’ve been giving you for Valentine’s Day, isn’t what you prefer. But then again, that can help your relationship when you express your needs with tact. And, be sure to reassure them that you love them anyway. 😉

Answer The Following Love and Treasure Valentine’s Day Love Tag 2016:

1. Are you a romantic person?

2. What do you prefer to receive on Valentine’s Day?
a) chocolate or other candies
b) dinner
c) jewelry
d) movie
e) flowers
f) clothing
g) card

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Tribute to Scott Dinsmore by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure blog

Tribute to Scott Dinsmore, Who Graciously Took Life By The Horns and Lived a Joyous and Loving Life

Remember that thanks to this blog I had the opportunity to attend a summit in Portland, Oregon?

Well, I found out on September 16th that last weekend, Scott Dinsmore, the CEO of Live Your Legend, passed away.

He was the generous soul that awarded me with the opportunity to attend Portland. He sent me a personal email to inform me on May 10th. And it was a wonderful Mother’s Day surprise.

So when I was about to post a Happy Birthday to my brother on Facebook on September 16th, whom I had been on the phone with a couple minutes earlier and had had lunch with the day before, and saw a post on my newsfeed that said those infamous words “A Tribute To Scott Dinsmore” I had a flashback to what had happened when I basically saw the same words regarding Wayne Dyer 14 days earlier.

So when I read that he had died after being hit by falling rocks nearing Mt. Kilimanjaro’s summit in Tanzania while climbing with his wife Chelsea, I was in utter compete shock. Denial, really.


Tell me it’s not true.

No, it can’t be!

No, it isn’t fair!

I can’t believe it.

How? Well I read how, but how could this happen!?

Falling rocks? What are the odds of that!?

At over 19,000 feet?

Oh my gosh, Chelsea!


Where is Scott?

Tell me it’s not true.

I can’t believe it.

But it’s true.

Oh my gosh.


These were some of the thoughts that went through my head.

When I started processing that he passed away I sobbed. This news was like a stab in my heart. Like a literal stab in my heart. My heart truly did hurt.

And amazingly, that’s how many others have described this loss… an aftermath in which there is a hole in one’s heart.

I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Why?

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Dr. Wayne Dyer photo taken by Haydee Montemayor author of The Love and Treasure Blog found at

Dr. Wayne Dyer Tribute: Just Some Of The Reasons I Love Wayne So Much

The terrestrial man who has influenced me the most is Dr. Wayne Dyer.

On September 2nd, I found out that he has passed away on August 29, 2015 at the age of 75.

I was truly devastated. 🙁

My husband and I had a “date” to watch our favorite TV show. While I was waiting for him to join me I decided to watch some You Tube videos on our Apple TV.

My first reaction was simply with the title of the video. I thought to myself, “This better be a tribute that Wayne is getting to know about while he’s living.”

My second thought was “Yeah, hopefully that’s it because I recently wrote a tribute to him… a couple months ago, and he was alive.”

But then I started watching, heard the news of his passing and sobbed. 🙁

I couldn’t believe it, but at the same time, I had a hunch it would happen.

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Two Wise Recipients of The Most Loving People Of Our Time Award

The two authors who are The Most Loving People Of Our Time Award Recipients teach us how to deal with life when life throws us a curveball.

One of the author even teaches us how to inform life that we’re not really into baseball, and we would certainly prefer living a curve-ball free life as much as possible. In the process we’lol discover that sometimes we think other people are the pitcher, when in reality, we are the ones throwing curveballs into our own life.

Let’s meet them!

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The Most Loving People Of Our Time Award Recipients Who Have Changed The Consciousness Of Our Planet

There Are People Who Create Change, There Are People Who Create Consciousness

As we’re starting to wrap up the features of The Most Loving People Of Our Time recipients, the joy that I feel in sharing these people with you is immense.

These three ladies have been so instrumental in who I am, and I’m sure they’ll be very instrumental in how you see your life and the life of others, if you haven’t yet met them.

They will change your consciousness for the better. Let me show you how and why.

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Photo of You Can Create An Exceptional Life by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson, One Hot Mama by Erin Cox (Erin Day) and The Mystic Cookbook by Meadow Linn and Denise Linn for a blog post for Love and Treasure 's The Most Loving People Of Our Time by Haydee Montemayor ( )

Inspirational Coaches Worthy Of The Most Loving People Of Our Time Award

Nowadays, everybody wants to be a coach. There is something special in being able to say “I help improve someone’s life,” that is very alluring.

There are 3 authors that have been able to do something valuable with the help they’ve given others. Without further ado, let me introduce you to three inspirational coaches worthy of The Most Loving People Of Our Time Award.

Denise Linn*****

Photo of Denise Linn , recipient of Love and Treasure 's The Most Loving People Of Our Time Award from Haydee Montemayor, author of
Photo credit:

Who she is: Last week, I highlighted Meadow Linn, a chef, writer and wonderful soul. Today, I’ll be highlighting her mom, Denise Linn, a lecturer and healer who has traveled to nineteen countries to teach people that our life is influenced by more than our senses can perceive. It is influenced by energy.

A few years ago, I had the privilege of meeting Denise Linn at a talk that I attended.

When I entered the conference room, she was dressed in a white suit and seated on a chair on-stage. Denise exuded peace and warmth.

The stage was decorated with Christmas lights. I had never seen a stage decorated with Christmas lights before.

At the time I attended this talk, I had only known Denise’s work for a little while, but the fact that she paid attention to what the stage looked like made me realize that what she was going to present, would be different.

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Three Kind Entrepreneurs Worthy Of The Most Loving People Of Our Time Award #10-12

Today, I’m super excited to let you know about three entrepreneurs and public speakers who also happen to be authors.  Why? Because they are super worthy of The Most Loving People Of Our Time Award that I’ve been sharing with you for the past few weeks.

In addition to being authors, these three ladies are uplifters. They’re game-changers, the kind that change the world on the outside, by first inviting us to look at our own inside.

Let’s get this party started!

Marie Forleo***

Photo Credit: and
Photo Credit: and

Who she is: She is super-successful entrepreneur who helps people have a business and life that they love.

She has an online show on YouTube called MarieTV, which she updates every Tuesday with her world-famous “Q & A Tuesday.”

What does this highly popular show consist of? Mostly of Q & A’s where anybody seeking Marie’s on-point, wise, practical, intuitive and uplifting advice can submit a question. All you have to do is visit her site’s Q & A Tuesday link which is . This doesn’t guarantee that your question will be answered, but at least, it gives you an opportunity. And if she does, thousands of people from all around the world will be able to join in on the conversation after the episode with your question airs.

Marie’s company, Marie Forleo International is a Fortune 500 company. And her most profitable program is B-School, an online business school for people who want to change the world doing what they love. B-School opens once a year in early March and is highly acclaimed by many aspiring entrepreneurs and successful, established and industry-leading entrepreneurs. You’re welcome to find out more information here: .

She is also the author of Make Every Man Want You: Or Make Yours Want You More , that is more of a personal development book, than anything.

What her best talent is: Marie is one of the most loving people alive. And it not just me who thinks this, since Marie was on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday program from the OWN network and she is considered one of the next-generation thought leaders.

Marie has fused business and love in a way that is so noticeable that she has been featured on Forbes magazine a couple of times.

One of her core messages that she repeats every Tuesday is:

“Stay on your game and keep going for your dream because the world needs that special gift that only you have.”

Even though her MarieTV shows are very instrumental and fun, that line alone, which she repeats at the end of every one of her MarieTV episodes is worth tuning in for.

Why? Because no matter how zombie-like our day-to-day living might be, that line alone reminds us that we shouldn’t take our own presence on the planet for granted because we DO have something special to give.

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3 Embarrassing Stories Related To Love You Forever and The Lessons It Taught Me About Love

There is one book that makes me cry, every. single. time.

That book is Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.

On the surface, this book seems to be about a rowdy kid who makes a mess in the bathroom, because that’s the illustration shown on the cover.

But I can’t read the first page of this book without starting to get teary.

For Christmas, my sister and my brother-in-law gifted this book to my 2 year-old son.

It’s now June.

And guess what?

I hadn’t read it until today.

Why? Because I had an inkling that I would cry. I just didn’t know how much.

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