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This is mine.

How Everyone Who Believes in Their Dreams Can Create and Benefit From a Wish Box

We’ve all heard it before, and deep down we agree:

If only we knew WHAT we really, really wanted, we would go after it.

Yes, in fact we DO need to be clear on what our wishes are, not only at the beginning of each year, but all throughout the year so that we remain committed to our wishes.

How Can You Stay Committed to Your Wishes?

One way that I’ve been able to achieve many of my wishes and get excitedly close to achieving several others is by creating this wish box that was introduced to me by Hay House author Denise Linn.

On New Year’s, she and her daughter Meadow Linn, who is also an author and who co-wrote The Mystic Cookbook along with Denise, a blogger, a wonderful cook and a lovely person overall, get together to set their intentions for the new year by making several projects. One of these projects entails creating this wish box, which they refer to as a magic box.

My Experience With a Wish Box and How it Can Benefit You

I first created this wish box a couple of years ago. Thankfully, some of the BEST and most important wishes that one can dream of in a lifetime have come true and are coming true for me. I realize that this is in part a combination of various factors, being clear on what i want, working toward my goals, believing in my goals and believing in myself and simply right timing.

Making a wish box is a great family tradition, a family craft activity and a wishing session all in one that I highly recommend. But there is absolutely no shame in doing this box alone. As a matter of fact, don’t beg anyone to do one with you… they’ll most likely ruin the mood. Let me show you how to have fun making one.

How to Make Your Very Own Wish Box

1. Buy a craft box OR better yet, find a pretty box that you already own that you can use exclusively for this purpose.
2. Find things that you would like to decorate your box with such as stickers, cardstock, photos, magazine clippings, Google printouts, foam shapes, felt shapes, ribbon, glitter or whatever else you want to use.
3. Grab some tape and glue that is capable of pinning down your chosen decorations to the box.
4. Grab pencils, markers, colored pencils and pens

Wish Box www.loveandtreasure.com
This is mine.

5. Before you start deciding on what decoration goes where, keep in mind that you will need to write “thank you” on all four sides of the box. You can use stickers that say “thank you” or you can print out this phrase with your printer. The idea behind writing “thank you” is that you should already be grateful for the fulfillment of your wishes. You have to have that level of faith.

Thank You Note www.loveandtreasure.com
Like this. 🙂


Thank You Note www.loveandtreasure.com
And Like this… on all sides. 🙂

6. On the inside of the box, incorporate the phrase, “Everything in this box is so” to further promote the faith and confidence that you have that these wishes will be fulfilled.

Thank You Note www.loveandtreasure.com
Anywhere inside the box works.

7. Have FUN decorating the box! Knock yourself out!

Thank You Note www.loveandtreasure.com
Have a good time doing this box.

8. Once you’re happy with how your box looks, because as you know, feelings do matter, decide on which prices of paper you will write your wishes. They can be in any shape. Just consider if you write small, big, short phrases or long phrases to determine  the size of your papers. Cut the papers where you’ll write your wishes by hand, by craft punches if you have any, or by electronic cutting machines. You can even use squiggly scissors to be more whimsical, if you like.

www.loveandtreasure.com wish box
Have fun with the papers where you write your wishes on.

9. Now it’s time to really tune within yourself and think about what you really, REALLY wish for. It can be that you desire things for yourself, for your family, for your friends, for your community or for the world. As you write each wish down, write it as though you already have what you’re wishing for.

  • For example, if you wish for a Twix chocolate bar, say, “I am very happy that I am enjoying this Twix bar as a snack in the park after my workout.” In other words, use words of gratitude or of deep feeling.
  • Another example would be, “I am so excited that today I am going to my favorite singer, ______ ‘s concert (write the name of the singer).”
  • Or, “I am so happy to see my best friend’s renewed sense of living now that her illness is gone.”

10. Write each wish in a single piece of paper and put it in the box.
11. Write as many wishes as you like. Dream BIG! Most importantly, B-E-L-I-E-V-E in your heart that what you wish for can come true.
12. It is best to make yourself as comfortable as possible. You can play some comfortable music and make a determination to keep distractions to a minimum. A good resource for relaxing music that allows you to focus is www.focusatwill.com.
12. Once you are done, place this box either in a visible special place or tuck it away somewhere. Decide whether you will revisit the box in 6 months or a year. Write that date on your calendar to remind yourself or set a special day each year to revisit this activity…. like New Years day or your birthday. Most importantly, commit to not opening the box between now and then.
13. When the day to revisit the box  arrives, take the box out of where you stored it.
14. Play some nice music in a comfortable setting.
15. Read through your wishes.
16. Divide them in four stacks:

  • the wishes that didn’t come true yet
  • the wishes that did come true
  • the wishes that partially came true
  •  the wishes that came true but that are ongoing.

17. The wishes that haven’t come true yet go directly back into the box with the hope that in 6 months to a year, those wishes will come true. And if they don’t, perhaps it us because more time us needed… so don’t despair.
18. You can share the wishes that came true with whomever you’re doing this activity with… Or if you’re doing it alone, you can journal about which wishes came true. I don’t need to tell you, but be thankful for the wishes that came true. It’s up to you if you want to share the wishes that partially came true or are ongoing.
19. Place the wishes that are ongoing and partially came true back in the box.
20. Have another envelope or ziplock bag where you place the wishes that came true. It’s fun collecting them. Or if you’re a minimalist, and you must, it doesn’t hurt to throw them away.
21. You want to know what the best thing about having a wish box is? That you get to add more wishes on your established date! You get to dream big all over again! 🙂 You get to tap into what you desire. Isn’t this the beauty of life? To grow and to evolve? Yes, there will always be something else to pursue… but it’s the pursuit of that which we think will bring us happiness that will make us the happiest.

It’s Your Turn to Share Your Wisdom Treasures With Us

Try this magic box. Dream. Create, work toward your dreams and release… And in 6-8 months come back and share what your experience was (Include that in your calendar). Better yet, tell me if you liked the experience of at least creating a box.

Do you create wish boxes previously? What has your experience been? Do you have any recommendations that you’d like to give those who are new to wish boxes?

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