This is what you'll need to make this treatment.

How To Create Your Own Mild and Inexpensive Facial Exfoliator

How To Create Your Own Mild and Inexpensive Facial Exfoliator

For some strange reason that I’m not sure of, many of us purchase face creams and for some reason or another don’t use them as often as we should or as often as we like. Our excuse? We’re so busy trying to be everyone to everybody else that a little facial pampering is often times the last thing on our mind. What does this neglect result in?  We literally have to face not feeling as up to par as we would like. In that case, we have two choices. One that has cost us quite a bit of money or one that can cost us pennies. In other words, you can either use the creams that we spent your precious money on (and if you’re blessed enough to have these creams and facial potions and lotions, why wouldn’t you use them? Unless they’re expired of course, but that’s a topic for another day) OR, you can create one unique, inexpensive facial exfoliator. What does this effective blend contain, you might ask? It has two simple, accessible and inexpensive ingredients: baking soda and water. By the way, speaking from experience, please make sure that you grab the baking soda out of your pantry and not the baking powder…. similar name… TOTALLY different results. 😉 If your’e a baker, you know EXACTLY what I mean. 🙂

How to Create Baking Soda Gentle Facial Exfoliator

This is what you'll need to make this treatment.
This is what you’ll need to make this treatment.
1. Take out a set of measuring spoons and a small bowl
2. Measure 3 teaspoon baking soda and put it in the small bowl
3. Measure 1 teaspoon water (you can make more or less of this amount simply by remembering that there is a 3:1 baking soda to water ratio) and add it to the bowl with the baking soda
4. Mix the baking soda and the water

5. Go to the bathroom where you have a mirror and a sink available
6.  Once the mixture is combined, apply a thin layer of exfoliant all over your face (except the eye area, of course) in gentle circular motion
6. Lightly rub those areas of your face that you know may get dryer than usual, like your forehead, your nose bridge and your nose, in circular motion
7. Rinse the mixture off your face with warm water or a wet facecloth
8. Pat your face dry with a dry facecloth

Touch your face. Your face should feel smoother, given that it just got a gentle exfoliation. You will most likely feel the good effects of this exfoliation for several days. When you feel that your face is rough or dry, you can repeat this simple process. This beauty treatment is especially good for winter months given that the skin gets drier than usual during that time.

This Facial Exfoliant Travels Well and Can Even Meet You at Your Travel Destination

In the event that you’re ever on vacation and you forget your exfoliator or your face cream, this technique can improve the texture of your skin in a pinch. All you have to do is buy or ask for some baking soda at a pastry shop or at a restaurant. And voila! Your texture will at least feel better. Please know that this exfoliant is not the best, most luxurious skin treatment out there, but, it can assist you in your skin care for only pennies.

It’s Your Turn To Share Your Golden Wisdom Tokens

Try this facial exfoliator. Let me know what you think. Do you have any inexpensive beauty tips? If so, please share below.

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