The birth

I don’t know about you, but I like stories.

So perhaps you’re interested in finding out a little bit more about how this blog came to be.

As I was thinking about what to name this blog, many ideas came to mind. However, as with everything in life, what is meant to be for us, will be for us, as long as we’re aligned to that which was always meant to be ours. As a new mom, I’ve been practicing the principles that I will be talking about in this blog, and one thing that has stood out in me as I’ve been learning how to be a mother (which those of you who are parents, aunts, uncles or even children of your OWN parents, for that matter 😉 know, learning this is really a day by day, moment by moment endeavor), is my way of communicating with my baby. That communication has been sacred and is really my best tool for bringing myself to the present moment. There were many days and many nights when I would see my son, as I carried him in my arms either to go to sleep, or once he awoke and I would say, “How are you my love and treasure?” or sometimes I would say, “You are my love and treasure.” I realized, after catching myself saying that on various occasions, that it was THE best name that I could give my blog.

I was once part of corporate America. But my son, I know now, was the reason why I’m no longer part of it. So, in all reality, my son, IS the reason why this blog exists and I couldn’t think of a better name to pay tribute to the little but at the same time grand individual in my life, who really is my love and treasure.

One of my greatest blessings in life is that I am fortunate enough to have been a very loved, treasured and downright cherished grandchild. Out of more than eighty grandchildren, I was my grandmother’s favorite.

And life without ironies, isn’t life. I guess it’s irony is one of life’s strongest personality traits. So after I had registered the domain, I realized in one lightning moment, those that flash into your consciousness out of seemingly nowhere… that my grandmother had her unique names/ways of referring to me. She called me “my little love.” That was shocking to me. I couldn’t believe the connection. Then a second lightning hit, and that was that even more than that first name, she called me, “my treasure.” I  was overwhelmed with awe… so much so that it nearly floored me.

And just in case I was still doubting whether or not this blog was really “meant to be” for me… I often remember a button pin that I used to have, it was one of those possessions that I got from who knows where, that always marveled me when I saw it. It said, “No matter what the question, love is the answer.” At eight years old, I would just try to absorb and try to fully understand it’s meaning. I would even challenge it… and try to come up with several reasons or circumstances in which that saying didn’t apply. Now I realize, that it was a waste of time.

Love is really the definitive answer. No matter what the question is, the issue is, the triumph is, the sorrow is. Love is It. So why don’t we treasure Love when it gives us so much and it often asks so little?

I’d love for you to be part of that journey with me. After all, you might be here for an important reason, right?


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