Be Free, Be You

Have you ever stopped to wonder why many times, the animals that most marvel us are those with wings?

Regardless of whether or not your favorite animal happens to have wings, or not, is irrelevant since many people still have a deep admiration for animals that do have wings.

It’s as though we long to have wings so that we too can soar to new heights. The beauty of this is, we don’t have to have visible wings, because we definitely do have invisible wings.

So without thinking twice about it, enjoy this moment and all the potential that conspires on your side so that you too can soar to the altitude of your dreams, no matter how high you may think they are now.

Most importantly, make sure that you have enough “wind” under your wings to soar to that height simply by:

  • Being you- totally and unabashedly
  • Believing in your worth
  • Investing in your happiness
  • Giving yourself the time of day- otherwise who are you really giving it to?
  • Being enthusiastic about having the honor or being the one in your life who has the potential of living life on your terms.

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