Remember that true communication is a two way street.

Social Media Challenge Day 1

How Can You Learn to Use Social Media to the Best of Your Advantage and at the Same Time, Help your Business Grow?

Do you often wonder what the best course of action is to make your time invested in social media worthwhile for you and your following? You are certainly not alone. Today I’m super excited to be starting off the 10 Day Social Media Challenge graciously hosted by Natalie Sisson. I would highly recommend that you join me in this journey because there is always something I can learn from my favorite social media guru, Natalie Sisson.

While I may not have all the answers for how to be effective and efficient when it comes to social media, I would like to share what I’ve found so far.

It Doesn’t matter if You Want to Make Your Tweets Tweetable, Your Facebook Posts Likeable or Grow Your Google+ Circles… you must Interact with People as You would in a Get-together”

While it is not a secret that social media can help you grow your business, it is important to know that social media, is really not about your opportunity to stand in your soap-box and yack about your products. Rather, it’s the opportunity for you to learn from the world to be able to serve them better.

Remember that true communication is a two way street.
Remember that true communication is a two-way street.

You would think that more is more for companies like McDonalds to continue to make the millions that they’re making, but according to Rick Mulready, McDonalds has found that it only needs to Tweet once every four days. Why? Because its followers don’t want to hear more from McDonalds via Tweets. You can learn more about this by following the interview he had with Natalie by visiting the TSE56 iTunes podcast.

Five Ways I can Improve My Online Presence and You can too:

1) Attend Hootsuite seminar to learn how to make better use of this tool. I would like to see how I can automate posts to social media so that my presence is consistent and purposeful.

2) Apply for Google + and start seeing how I can make good use of it.

3) Identify which of Natalie’s online media tools from her social media recommended tools can help me better improve my online presence and apply them.

4) I would like to have a list of people who I want to reach out to, to say a simple thank you, to compliment, to praise, to retweet, to learn more about or to blog post on. Establishing relationships is what is key. I will keep this list on a Google Drive spreadsheet because it’s a safe and accessible place to add this information to. You can access this feature by clicking on “Drive” if you already have a Google Apps or Gmail account. If not, learn more about Google Drive and sign up.

5) I would like to automate posts and interact my social media contacts at a time that works best for my following. I would like to modify my personal schedule and my momentum to increase productivity and efficacy. As a matter of fact, I will include reminders of when to add things on my Google Calendar so that I am consistent with this task.

You Are the Leader

While there are many online tools out there, it is important to always consider your audience, your brand, your following and your successes. What may work for you may or may not work for me and vice versa.

No matter how great your content and strategy is already, please note that there is always room for improvement. For example, have you capitalized on the different learning modalities by creating a podcast? If not, you can learn how to create awesome podcasts by learning from Natalie’s “How To Start a Podcast that Matters” ebook, which you can obtain for free by subscribing to Natalie’s podcast, listening to a few, leaving a review, providing her with the contact details for that review and receiving this ebook in your inbox simply by following the instructions on this page.

Making Sure You Follow Up with What You Treasure

  • What are three ways you can improve your current social media strategy today?
  • How do you plan on making these changes?

Please leave your comments below. Furthermore, if you find that this article can be beneficial for anybody you know, please feel free to share it via any of the available social media platforms.


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