5 Reasons You Need A Raven Scanner Especially If You Have Children But Even If You Don't by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure blog

5 Reasons You Need A Raven Scanner Especially If You Have Children But Even If You Don’t

Are you someone who had a paper clutter issue before you had kids but whose paper clutter problems became worse after you had kids?

You’re not alone.

It’s almost natural that this has happened to you because even if you have your files in filing cabinets with your Freedom Filer method, your tax documents organized in boxes and your frequently accessed files in binders with sheet protectors, from the time kids get a hold of their first crayons or first pencil until they leave the nest, there will be a cascade of paperwork that they create at home and at school.

And a lot of their stuff is precious, it really is, but keeping EVERYTHING they create in paper format is impossible, unrealistic and inconvenient.

Therefore, today I want to share with you 5 reasons why the Raven Pro Document Scanner is the best scanner for your household to process your children’s paperwork and yours.

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5 Reasons Why Raven Pro Document Scanner Is The Best


Reason 1: It Self-feeds.

    • Say goodbye to flatbed scanners in which you can scan only as fast as you can get the file you want to scan aligned, close the cover, press the button, check the file is on your computer, open the scanner cover, remove the paper, keep the cover open, find the next document you want to scan and repeat the process all over again forms of times, hundreds of times or Heaven forbid, thousands of times.


    • Instead, get a stack of papers you want to scan. Put them face down and upside down in the document feeder. Press a few buttons (especially the last button to send to your chosen destination or several destinations which sometimes you’ll forget to do) and know for a fact that your document got sent to the destinations you chose.


Reason 2: It’s Fast

      • Not only is it fast because it self-feeds, it’s easier when you’re scanning a stack of documents like explained above, but even scanning one paper is super fast. You barely press the button when you see the paper being scanned in a couple of seconds. Literally. After that, it’s just a matter of ensuring that the document scammed just like you wanted to (which you can verify because you see the scan on the touch screen on the scanner) and if there are no changes, you send it to your destinations and voilá you’re done. The paper “flies” through the scanner’s light. The light doesn’t slowly cruise throughout the length of the paper like in flatbed scanners and THAT makes an enormous difference when it comes to speed.
      • One of the things that is super convenient and that also makes the Raven Pro Document scanner fast is that it scans the front and back of the document. So there is no need to re-scan the other side. Scanning both sides comes I really handy when you write information about who produces the art document to save it as a keepsake. For example, I write my child’s name, age, date and grade they were in. As parents we think we will remember every cure thing our children do and when but life gets o the way and if we don’t write these kinds of things down we usually forget. Even if we remember now, it doesn’t mean that when we are eighty we will remember these previous details.
      • Amazingly, most of the time this scanner can auto-detect blank pages and it can remove them for you. In the odd instance that it misses one, you can use the touch screen to easily delete that blank page.
      • In case you’re wondering, the Raven Pro Document Scanner is also faster than even the best iPhone scanning app, which in my opinion is Scanner Pro. If there ate things like workbooks, cookbooks or art projects that I can’t run through the Raven, I use Scanner Pro. For everything I can send through the Raven feeder, Raven is my first choice because there are no shadows to avoid, lighting to pursue, scans to retake, there’s nothing to crop or scans to manually send to your computer.


Reason #3: The quality is nice.

    • One of the reasons why people who suffer from paper clutter have a hard time letting go of their paper and children’s mementos is because they know that the original often looks better than any scan or copy they can take and they therefore don’t want to get rid of it.
    • With the Raven Pro Document Scanner, however, you can easily choose the dpi you want or set it to always scan at that resolution so that you have the quality that you expect.
    • It gives me the heebie-jeebies when I hear distance education teachers tell kids that they can hold their assignment in front of the computer and then take a picture so they can turn that assignment in. We as parents haven’t spent years of our lives teaching our kids to write nicely, legibly and straight so that they take a blurred photo of their assignment to turn it in. So even though it’s a lot of work to distance teach your kids, once the assignment is done, using a Raven Scanner to scan that assignment for your kids will be the least painless thing to do in the entire process of turning in assignments. It’s pleasurable. And there have been SO many times when I’ve been SO thankful to have the scanner. ESPECIALLY when I can process dozens of papers or sometimes close to one hundred papers weekly.
    • Whether you’re scanning a document for yourself or an assignment for your student, you will have a document that looks professional. And isn’t that the end goal? To have a document that is super presentable for others when you have to share it and especially presentable for you when you have to keep it and maybe even share with others down the road? If we’re going to take the time to scan, we might as well do it with the best tool we can, and in my opinion, this is the best.
    • Perhaps you’re reading this post because for years, you’ve been eyeing a famous scanner from Japan. It was recommended to me several times. BUT after hearing wonderful things about the Raven scanner and doing my research, I decided that the Raven Pro Document Scanner was the best fit. These scanners are made in the U.S. that are SUPER innovative in that they have a touch screen AND you don’t even have to have them connected to a computer to scan! WHAT?! I know. I was surprised about the second part, too and excited to try this particular scanner because of the ease of use the touch screen provides. And you should too. It’s every good thing you expect it to be and then some.


Reason 4: You Can Send It To One Of Your Preferred Cloud Systems Like Dropbox– And Then From There, You Can Send It To Whatever Other Cloud Service You Like

In case you’re curious where you can send documents you scan in your Raven Pro Document Scanner to, here they are:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive (or whatever new version of that there is 😊)
  • Evernote
  • Box
  • SharePoint,
  • OneDrive
  • Quickbooks Online
  • USB Drive
  • Email
  • FTP
  • SMB Share
  • and even a Fax (in case you know what those are and what they do)

If you use one of those services as your main hub for your documents and it’s your favorite— well there’s nothing else you have to worry about.

However, if you’re not necessarily fond of any one of these services you could send your scans to one of the services in the list above and then move it to your favorite cloud.

Raven says you can set up the scanner to send directly to one of your favorites but:

  • A) that’s technical
  • B) even after you set it up, the speed at which the scan reaches cloud services not in the list above is slower. And after everything we’ve mentioned, isn’t achieving speed our desired outcome?

So despite the fact that my favorite cloud service is actually Sync, I set up the Raven Pro Document Scanner so that one of my destinations is Dropbox. Then, from there, I can manually move the files from Dropbox to Sync if I want to.

If you wanted to scan one document or a stack of documents and send it to an email address, you could. You don’t HAVE to send it to a cloud service if you don’t want to.


Reason 5: Raven Pro Scanners Can Provide You With Free Space.

    • As I’ve mentioned, you could set up several destinations where your files can go to and one feature that makes the price of the Raven even more worth it is that you have unlimited storage on the Raven Cloud. So even if you don’t have a Dropbox subscription or enough storage in your Dropbox account, you don’t have to postpone starting to scan and/or declutter your paperwork because you have this unlimited storage from Raven year after year.


Should You Get It?

If you’re in the market of a Raven Pro Document Scanner and you’re staring at the price of a scanner wondering if a piece of equipment like this is worth it. My answer is ABSOLUTELY IF you can think of ways to use it very often or for very important things.

For example, recently, I wrote an article about How To Avoid A Fire And Prepare Your Family in Case of A Fire How To Avoid a Fire and Prepare Your Family In Case Of A Fire  and How To Avoid A Fire And Prepare Your Family In Case Of A Fire How To Avoid a Fire and Prepare Your Family In Case Of A Fire and in it I include some of the VERY things we treasure that we would be very sad if we lost them to one of these types of disasters. I would say that most of us would be able to put our scanner into very good use for our children and for us personally.


You Are Ready To Buy It

If you’re ready to buy the Raven Pro Document Scanner  and are wondering which version and which color I have, let me give you the scoop. I have the Raven Pro Scanner  (which was the most recent version at the time that I purchased mine). I got it in the color white. Many of us, me included, buy black or stainless steel appliances. However, I have to say that I love the white scanner. It looks chic and modern.



Important Documents You Should Scan With This Or Any Other Scanner

Now that we’ve established that Raven is an ideal scanner, I would like to leave you with a list of items that you can start scanning as soon as you get your Raven Pro Document Scanner (or any scanner because these documents are THAT important):


  • Life Records
    • Birth Certificate
    • SSN Card (if it’s allowed)


  • School Official Documents
    • Honor Roll Certificates
    • Perfect Attendance Certificates
    • Special Recognition Certificates
    • Report Cards
    • Progress Reports
    • Test Results


  • Financial Records like:
    • Will (at least a copy of it)
    • Investment Records
    • Home improvement records



Whether you have a child who draws stick figures or aspires to be a Disney artist, you can scan their art and treasure it for a lifetime.


Sentimental Items

  • Sentimental writing that other people give you like cards and notes.
  • Photos that other people give you of your family or descendants. It’s important to digitize them.



  • First time they wrote their name.
  • Are your kids distance learning?
    • If you’re like me, I have to scan dozens of documents and submit them each week. Taking scans with my phone worked for a full year, but typing in the name, getting the lighting right, making the space to take the scan, cropping corners and uploading each and every document manually took A LONG time. Time that I honestly could have better used elsewhere.
  • With the Raven scanner, I can scan their work, it goes to a specific folder on my computer (and their cloud) with the touch of a button and from there I name it. There it rests waiting for me to get to the lesson in the kids’ module to upload to their assignment and that saves SO much time. So much sanity. It’s a smoother process by A  LOT. It makes a routine task MUCH more enjoyable if that’s even possible.
  • One of my other Raven destinations for my schoolwork is the Raven Cloud. It helps to have a second backup of many documents (especially when distance learning platforms can make assignments that have been graded disappear).
  • I use my scanner pretty much daily to scan schoolwork (yep even weekends) — or at the very least 6 out of 7 days during the week. And this use alone has been worth it.



Vaccine card— you know the card that listed all of the vaccines before vaccines became controversial

Insurance Cards

Vaccine cards- yeah the controversial card. Cuz it’s important.

And anything else you feel important.



Now It’s Your Turn

Do you have a Raven scanner? What do you like most about it?

If you don’t have one (yet), which of the mentioned reason I mentioned is a reason why you would like to get this scanner?

I know that maybe you have to spend a few months this year saving it up for it, but it’ll be worth it. And guess what? Sometimes, Amazon offers you the ability to pay for this purchase over several months, sometimes 12 months.

The Raven Pro Scanner is one of those products that when you use it you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy it sooner, and it’s bound to be one of your favorite (and most used) products this year and next year and the following year.

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