Are You Afraid of Your Destiny and How Can You Feel Confident in Your Future?

Are You Afraid of Your Destiny and How Can You Feel Confident in Your Future?

Caroline Myss is always one someone that serves “aha!” moment after “aha!” moment. This week she spoke of the reason why people fear their destiny. Read about what she has to say about fate vs. destiny:

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Who is driving your train?

“If you’re going to talk about destiny, you have to talk about fate… because the two go hand in hand together. And the difference is…

Your fate is like riding the train of your life in the caboose and your destiny is like driving the engine. You can only have one engineer and that’s destiny.

So people who live their destinies are people who are very strongly individualized, they have a really strong sense of themself, they have a strong sense of who they are, and they know how to make a decision. But more than making a decision, they know how to handle the consequences of the decisions they make, and that’s what’s people fear. When they think about upping the notch of the next level of their life, we have an inherent knowledge that it means ‘I have to make stronger, more far reaching decisions.’ And it’s not that the decisions are that difficult, it’s that we fear the consequences of the decisions. And people who have a strong sense of destiny can handle the consequences of their decisions.

People who have “fate,” they let other people make their choices for them. And thus, they end up wherever it is they end up in life. They’re kind of dragged along at the end of the train. And they have to figure out what port they’ve arrived in because they’re not driving their own [train], and they’re not doing their own calculations. Other people make their decisions for them.

They’re in the hands of fate. And it’s very frightening for other people to take charge of their own life. But they fear it because they know ‘If I take charge of my life, a lot of the ways and relationships that I’ve had are going to fade away, I will let go of that.'”

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So are you driving your engine? Or are you placidly and hopelessly sitting on the caboose of your caboose? Let me know by leaving a comment below. What was your favorite “aha” moment?

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