Focus on your own jingle instead of focusing on that of others.

6 Things You Can Do to Make Sure You Jingle Instead of Clash at Your Family Holiday Gathering

In this time of year, when everyone’s time deprived, sleep deprived and patience deprived, it’s important to be extra emotionally intelligent and empathic toward one another, particularly with our family. This is especially true if you don’t have the opportunity to spend much time with them during the rest of the year. Before your personalities clash, make them JINGLE instead. Simply remember and apply the following 6 tips for having one of your most peaceful Christmases ever.
Focus on your own jingle instead of focusing on that of others.
Focus on your own jingle instead of focusing on that of others.
Just be present- it allows you to engage with others with a lucid and peaceful mind.
Ignore the nonsensical comments which aren’t crucial or detrimental to anyone’s soul
Never start a family fight yourself. Without assumptions, get to the root of the problem peacefully.
Give a family member a second chance if needed- we all make mistakes
Love each member of your family as much as possible and in the way they need to be loved
Embrace this Holiday Season because you never know if it’s the last one you’ll spend together
Sounds simple right? While this may be easier said than done, it’s totally possible. You already have too much self-imposed drama in your life anyway, so for just one day, give yourself and those whom you most love the gift of peace– it’ll be a priceless and memorable gift. Just like each snowflake is unique an unrepeatable, each of your family members carries their own “tune.”
While it may seem like the “tune” that each of your family members carry can’t possibly be complimentary, if each member jingles their “tune” softly, you’ll notice that the melody will be beautiful anyway.

Now It’s Your Turn to Share Your Wisdom Tokens

We can all use some tips for getting along better with the family. What are yours? Please share them below.

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