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5 Points Husbands Can Score 72 Hours After The Baby Is Born

Yes, we know that there are tired fathers in delivery rooms.

It’s hard to hold your wife’s hand, tell her that it’s gonna be okay, and to push. Right? ūüėČ Well, maybe.

But usually it’s external factors that make soon-to-be fathers tired, like the hours that go by waiting for the little one to be born. So yeah, it’s possible that you, as a soon-to-be father, are stressed, but one thing you can bet more money on than you’ve ever been able to in your life, is that the soon-to-be mom is WAaaaaAAAAay more tired than you are.

So having said that, let’s focus our attention on where it really matters: your wife and your baby.

Top 5 Tips to REALLY Take Care of Your New Family from Day 1

1. Get Your NEW Priorities Straight.

We’ve all heard of cavemen.

When you think of a caveman, do you ever imagine him sleeping?

No, right?

So if men are supposedly much more advanced than your historic counterparts, what makes you think that you should sleep more than your wife does that first day?

No excuse that you come up with is good enough, so don’t waste your time even trying to come up with one.

And while we’re on the topic of sleeping… you know that blanket that your wife packed for the hospital after she washed it with her favorite fabric softener?

It’s for her, not for you.

She needs it to be able to sleep as comfortable as possible, for at least tonight, after her efforts in the delivery room, knowing that she’ll have to put in a lot of effort into the sleepless nights that are to come.

2. Hold Yourself Accountable. 

If your wife gave birth in any hospital, pay attention to the paperwork you signed, especially the one that you were asked to sign the first day, which says that you (or an adult that’s there with her) need to keep an eye on your wife¬†as she’s feeding the baby to make sure that she doesn’t fall asleep while she’s holding him/her because yes sir, she really can¬†be THAT tired and an extra pair of eyes is highly recommended. Trust me, you don’t want an accident to happen on your watch.

Plus, those ears of yours that hear the baby when it wakes up and wants to be held are more useful now than ever. Don’t wait for your wife to wake up from her sleep in order for you to continue sleeping. It’s your baby, too.
3. Remember Your Role.

Remember, you’re the knight in shining armor and your task is to protect your family unit and shoo and shield away anybody and anything that drains your wife’s energy.

How do you know what does?

Communicate with her flawlessly, listen to her and comply with her requests.


4. Help Her Eat.

Yes, we know that typically you eat more than your wife.

But if she’s breastfeeding, she’ll need about 500 extra calories a day to produce enough milk, so for the sake of your baby’s nourishment, let her eat in peace as best you can.

She literally, and more than ever, needs to eat to replenish herself.

Even more than during the pregnancy, she is eating for two.


5. Become a Mind Reader. (Even if it’s for the 1st Time In Your Life).

Yep, you heard that one right.

Read your wife’s mind to the best of your ability and be as in tune as possible to what she may need.

Challenge yourself to anticipate as many of her needs as you can.

After all, you’ve probably known her for years, right?

And you probably¬†read a parenting book or two that warns you of how much more you’ll have to help your wife which listed for you the specific ways¬†in which you can help.

So don’t think that your wife doesn’t know that you KNOW¬†what to help her with.

And if for some strange reason you haven’t read any book and your baby is on the way any minute now, just know that helping your wife, isn’t rocket science.

Ask yourself:

  • What do you think she wants that she doesn’t even have enough energy to ask you to do?
  • How can you come up with answers to such a “hard and vague” question?
    • EASY! Put yourself in her shoes. If YOU just gave birth, what would YOU want your partner to do for you?

Focusing on her needs as she takes care of the baby will be THE best way for you to let her know that you support her during this newly embarked journey called parenthood.

Which by the way, lasts a lifetime.

Just saying.

What Your Support Boils Down To

Be sure to at least take 50% of her every-day responsibilities that you can do (even if you’ve never done them before) off her plate and do them for her.

She is by design, already giving much more to the baby than you ever will be able to. (Read that again if you need to, let it sink in).

If she thought you were sexy doing laundry, you will blow her away if you do at least these 5 tips for being a good husband and father. You’ll earn points, for later, if you know what I mean. ūüėČ (But give her time).
To wrap up, your wife feels an immense need and desire to take care of the baby.

During those first few hours, give her the gratification of being the mother she has dreamed of being for years by taking care of her during this time when she really DOES need you to step up and be the best man you’ve EVER been, because she is being the best woman she’s ever been for the child you were blessed to have.

Share Your Wisdom Tokens With Us

Regardless of whether you’re a wife or a fellow dad, do you have any other suggestions for new fathers?

If you found this article useful, share the¬†5 Points Husbands Can Score 72 Hours After The Baby Is Born¬†with other couples you know. We never know what “good” we can do in the world by helping someone contribute to allowing the best moments in life to flow as smoothly as possible.

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