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5 Short and Simple Reasons Why Breastfeeding is Better than Formula

When you’re pregnant, and you want the best start for your child, it’s impossible for you not to at least consider breastfeeding. Perhaps you’ve always known that you wanted to breastfeed your baby, or perhaps, you decide to do so after you do your research. Yet no book, blog or word of mouth advice can accurately depict how satisfying and biologically and emotionally beneficial it is for your baby to breastfeed. If you need further clarity about why breastfeeding is better than formula, it’ll be easier once you are holding your baby and can tell with all your six senses what feeding option your baby deserves.

5 Reasons You Should Breastfeed

1. Breastmilk is beneficial for the baby
Nature created no better nourishment for your baby than breastmilk. The commitment that breastfeeding requires isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s so worth it. If you haven’t seen a side-by-side comparison of the nutrients present in breastmilk compared to the nutrients in formula and the important role that these nutrients play in your baby’s development, you’re in for a very eye-opening treat. 🙂 The simple verdict?
Breastmilk contains more than 100 nutrients that formula can’t replicate.
2. Bonding

Breastfeeding allows you to bond with your baby like nothing else. What better love can you give your child than to willingly give of yourself (literally)?

3. Milk AvailabilityIf you’ve seen people carrying diaper bags or diaper backpacks nowadays, you know that going out with a baby requires packing everything but the kitchen sink. All kidding aside, most diaper bags are bulkier and weigh more than the baby itself. No kidding! While you can choose to pack a couple of bottles of frozen/thawed milk to give your baby while you’re driving, you don’t have to pack milk at all if you don’t want to because you always have milk with you. No measuring or mixing required. 😉

4. IQ
Studies show that babies who are breastfed, generally speaking have a 4 point higher IQ than those who babies who weren’t breastfed.

5. Savings
The fact that you can save hundreds of dollars by breastfeeding your baby is just the icing on the cake. All the other reasons for breastfeeding are great enough already. When you breastfeed your baby, you don’t waste time, money or energy driving to the store to buy milk, and as long as there is a demand for breastmilk, and your baby breastfeeds, you never run out.

You Decide

So there you have it, 5 short and simple reasons why breastfeeding is better than formula. Ultimately, it’s every mother’s choice as to what nourishment they wish to provide for their child.
I have been breastfeeding for over a year and I intend to continue breastfeeding longer. I have greatly enjoyed breastfeeding although it is a huge commitment simply. What have I gotten it from breastfeeding? Just the simple satisfaction to know that I’m providing the best baby nourishment there is. What has the baby gotten from breastfeeding? The baby has been, is and will continue to  benefit greatly for the baby’s entire life. Aside from my time and my love, breastfeeding is one of the best gifts that I can give my child. You can do the same thing for yours. It’s your choice, for your child’s benefit.

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Have you observed any of the benefits of breastfeeding either with your children or children that you know in action? How did you decide to feed your children and what influenced your decision? I’d love to hear from them in the comments below. If you liked this article, and know of a soon-to-be or new-mom who is already short on time, send them this short article.

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