Red Apple Lipstick Review: The Best “Do Your Body Good” Make-Up I’ve Tried

What Do We Expect From Lipstick?

If there is one thing that makes us feel as though our make-up is complete, it’s lipstick.

red apple lipstick

And what is our greatest desire as ladies? That the lipstick color goes well with our complexion and that it lasts.

It’s not that we don’t want to have a nice pop of color on our lips during the daytime, and we’re unwilling to put in the effort. It’s just that we’re too busy to reapply, and reapply and reapply… and truth be told, we expect a lipstick to last.

What Have We Done To Get Long Lasting Lipstick?

Let’s face it, many of us have been on the quest for long-lasting lipstick, and unfortunately, we were willing to sacrifice our own health for beauty.

We sacrificed our health knowingly, when we would buy those lipsticks that claimed to last 12 hours, but that were sooo drying to our lips that even the lipstick company itself packaged the lipstick with a lip balm in the same container. They instructed us to put the balm on top of the lipstick to try to remediate how dry and stiff our lips felt.

Other times, we sacrificed our health unknowingly. Just like many of us haven’t been aware of the potential negative side effects that gluten, food coloring, dairy or sugar can/may have in your life, most of us haven’t been aware of the chemicals that we place on our mouth, and ingest.

Thankfully, Red Apple Lipstick, otherwise known as RAL, is not only concerned of our bad habits when it comes to endangering our health through the use of cosmetics, but it also has come up with multiple, satisfying solutions. It is revolutionary cosmetic company that has eliminated all the “bad” (meaning all the toxins) and provided us lots of the “good” (gluten free, paraben free, safe cosmetics that really do strive to make you look good).

It has removed the “nasties” and has provided us with healthy, lasting lipstick (when applied right). Its the kind that makes us feels good and that you want to treasure in your life for a long, long, time.

What Makes Red Apple Lipstick Makeup So Special?

As you know, two of the most important things in a relationship are the connection and the chemistry.

Let me just say, that Red Apple Lipstick delivers in both of these things both literally and figuratively.

They’re a company that welcomes you with open arms. They are certainly not the type of company that just wants your money and treats you like one more customer. They treat you like you’re their rockstar. They even call you that when you join their free VIP club. Most importantly, they treat you like that. They provide you with premiers, discounts and exclusives not available to the general public. So are you a rockstar? You bet you are!

Do You Have To Join Their Free VIP Club In Order To Feel Special?

Not at all!

Whether you join their free VIP club, or you decide not to join, they write to you just to say thanks (meaning that they don’t just generically say thanks minutes after you place the order).

And if you place multiple orders, you’ll be surprised to know that they are keeping track and they’re appreciative of the orders that you place. Not in a boring “thanks” kind of way, but in a thank you for putting food on our table, kind of way.

To me, that shows humility, love, appreciation and a desire to genuinely establish a good connection with you as a customer.

180 Day Guarantee (That’s SIX Whopping Months!)

Can you believe that Red Apple Lipstick allows you to try their products for half a year (180 days) and if you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back or ask for an exchange?

Imagine, how much money you would have been able to recoup if you would have been able to return the makeup that you have sitting in your drawers that you thought you would like, but you don’t.

Red Apple Lipstick In A Nutshell

There are so many positive things to say about Red Apple Lipstick.

In a nutshell, though, they really:

  • Do care about what you think about their products
  • They educate you (both on their products, the beauty industry, and most importantly, how to make your lipstick last longer 😉 )
  • They want you to try/love their products to the point that they’re willing to allow you to send them 3 of your nasty lipsticks in exchange for a generous discount on some of their lipsticks, lip glosses, balm and eyeshadows.
    • And you wanna know what they do with the old, unhealthy lipsticks that you send them?
      • They safely dispose of these chemical-filled lipsticks for you… meaning, they do you a favor.

Red Apple Lipstick Does Good Deeds For You

I mean, WHO does that?

What company, that you know of, says bring me three of your old products and for $5.00 (plus tax if you live in Texas) I’ll give you a substantial discount on some of the BEST products in the market, that are safe for you, that are high quality, that will solve many of your sensitivities that you thought you needed to live with for the rest of your life, which will preserve your health and that will make you feel good?

I can’t think of anybody who does, and if you do know of companies who do this, please leave a comment down below and tell me who does this type of “customer community service” because I’d really like to know.

So, if you’re interested in this lipstick exchange program, you can click this form and get in on this wonderful deal Red Apple Lipstick redapple-exchangeform . Since these items are discounted, they don’t come with the 180 day guarantee, but still! They’re great prices. Plus, guess what? You can exchange your old lipsticks for a discount on this healthy cosmetic line more than once…. so keep this PDF handy, and add the address where you would send your old cosmetics to to your address book. 🙂 (There are some limitations as to how often you can do this (3 lipsticks per customer per month), but contact the company for more details and visit their lipstick-exchange information page).

How I Came Across Red Apple Lipstick

Red Apple Lipstick Packaging
This is how the lipsticks are presented to you. You can even gift them like this. It’s a really cute presentation.

I heard so many wonderful things about Red Apple Lipstick from beauty experts that I value that I was a buyer first and later received two eyeshadows from them in exchange for an honest review. This is my Red Apple Lipstick review.

Given their company name, in my first order, I opted to buy 2 of their lipsticks. I bought two of their full-sized lipsticks called Berry Blast and Mauve Me. Since I wanted to take advantage of their Free Shipping on an order for $25.00 or more, I bough a sample of their Audrey lipstick, which I had heard wonders about.

2 lipsticks and Rallye Balm
2 lipsticks and the lip balm. All 3 of these fit nicely into one presentation pouch shown above.

The reason I went with the Mauve Me color is because I have owned mauve lipsticks in the past, and I have liked how they’ve looked. I ordered the Berry Blast because I liked how the color looked on the screen. I opted to just get a sample of Audrey because I wasn’t sure if the color would look good on me, but I wanted to try it anyway.

red apple lipstick

First Impressions of Red Apple Lipstick

  • I was excited waiting for the products to arrive.
  • I loved the pouch and bright green paper that they came in.
  • The lipstick box was pretty.
  • The  lipstick container swiveled smoothly.
  • Upon directing the lipstick to my mouth, I noticed the lipstick smelled great, which is a great indicator of how fresh the product is.
  • Applying the lipstick felt like I was applying a luscious, creamy lip balm (as a matter of fact, even hours after applying, this lipstick feels smoother and more hydrating than any inexpensive or expensive lip balm I’ve ever owned).
  • The lipstick is easy to apply. You can glide or dab… and it’s a positive experience regardless.
  • Although this lipstick may be more expensive than the lipsticks you may traditionally purchase, look at it like this, even if a lipstick costs $23.50 and you use it for one year (which is by the way, the approximate length of time that you should use your lipstick for in order to ensure that it’s as fresh and as germ-free as possible)…. the cost per day for using the lipstick would be $0.07 per day.
  • And Jay Harper, the founder of RAL, and his team are so right… this lipstick is so perfect in so many ways that loosing it would make me freak out. It’s the closest thing to a holy-grail lipstick that I’ve ever found.
  • I loved the feeling of knowing that I’m being good to my body.
  • In a weird way, it makes me feel and therefore look, prettier. After all, beauty does come from the inside. 😉

What I Wish Was Different About The Red Apple Lipstick

  • Being someone who loves function and beauty, I do wish that the lipstick container, which is largely black plastic, was more sophisticated.
    • It would enhance the joy of wearing the lipstick.
    • I think that a bright green, shiny, metal exterior would create a “WOW” factor and would be a great conversation starter.
    • If someone saw a more sleek version of the lipstick holder, they would be intrigued, and we, the RAL users, 😉 could help you spread the word more easily.
    • Even if the parts of the container that are black, would now be green, it would be an improvement. Although I love black, as a color, I feel that the black, non-shiny plastic “cheapens” the quality of the product. It’s like a car…. a glossy black car can look beautiful, but a black car with no shine would almost make it seem like the car has been spray-painted. 😉
    • In sum, I feel that a lipstick this great deserves a greater container.
  • I wish one could open the lipstick box without nearly tearing or actually tearing the lid off.

More Reasons Why I Love Red Apple Lipstick

One of the things that made me love the company from the beginning is that they have an overt sign on their blog that says they love bloggers. When I signed up for their blogging program, they offered me wonderful customer service.

As part of this service, they sent me 2 eyeshadows for free in exchange for an honest review. The eyeshadows were Twinkle Taupe and Porcelain.

The eyeshadows do require a bit of getting used to in terms of how you apply them to achieve the results you desire. They are mineral-based eyeshadows.

Eyeshadows and Sample
This is what the eyeshadows and lipstick sample looks like.

The good:

  • The eyeshadows are healthy
  • They’re have “build-able” color

The not so good:

  • The “twosie” eyeshadow holder could be prettier with a logo, a different color, and a different material. 😉 Having a brush for application instead of the sponge applicator would make a huge difference as well.
  • The eyeshadows did crease on me.
    • I used an eyeshadow primer (from another company that is not as healthy as RAL) and that prevented the eyeshadow from creasing. However, the other product that I used isn’t free of toxins, which defeats the purpose of wanting to wear healthy make-up.
    • Red Apple Lipstick does have a eyeshadow primer. However, I am surprised that I need it given that my eyelids don’t typically crease, and I don’t typically wear eyeshadow primer.
  • The “whiter” Porcelain eyeshadow doesn’t have that much coverage. Maybe it was just the color that I chose, that was pretty much “exactly” the same color as my eyelids. I would have wanted to be able to see the eyeshadow.

The Gluten Free Eye Pencil By Red Apple

Less than 14 days after my 1st order, I placed another order for the Gluten Free Eyeliner Pencil by Red Apple.  As someone who does get itchy eyes after using make-up with chemicals in it, it was such a joy to eliminate my itchy eyes for the price.

The good about the eye-pencil:

  • It is feels smooth on the eyelid
  • It glides smooth across your eyelid
  • It’s doesn’t poke your eye
  • It feels fresh
  • It’s perfect for this delicate eye area
  • I was able to line my upper and my lower lash line

The areas for improvement for the eye-pencil:

  • The eye-pencil on my lower lash-line did smear under my eyes.

The Lipstick Samples

In order to take advantage of their Free Shipping with a minimum $25.00 order, I selected 3 lipstick samples. They were Brazilliant,  Audrey (again, because I did like it), and Kiss on The Chic.

Given that I’ve ordered several lipstick samples, I think it’s a good idea to share my views on what I think is great about the Samples, and what I think could be better.

Red Lipstick Samples
This is how lipstick samples come packaged.

What is great:

  • The ability to sample a color
  • The ability to create your own color (which I’m not into since I want to savor the colors just as they are and find my favorites that way).

What could be better:

  • The ability to choose whether you want the samples in their current container (which I understand can allow people to mix and create their own lipstick or to apply the lipstick with a brush) or have little mini lipsticks (like the lipstick you get as samples from a cosmetic company). Either way, a lid on these products would be nice…. in order to prevent airborne germs from getting into the product…. and to allow us to move the item without fearing it’ll fall, fall off, or get dirty.
  • The price I feel is a bit steep for these samples. If they came in a better, more portable and protected package they might be worth their price.
  • The label on the current lipstick sample packaging is hard to remove.

How I Believe My Suggestions For Improvement Will Be Perceived

Red Apple Lipstick is a company that is open to suggestions. Therefore, for me, it’s been an honor to be able to provide you with an honest review of some of their products.

You know what excites me even more? That I’m sure Red Apple Lipstick will take my opinions and the opinions of their customers in general into account… in order to continue to innovate and provide us with top-notch cosmetics.

That’s the beauty about this company. They really do listen…. and they really do want to provide their customers with a wonderful product experience, day in and day out.

They’re generous with their approach, their products and their ears and eyes. There aren’t many companies that are this generous, unfortunately. But RAL is a prime example of what great customer service really is and what it should look like.

Even if I believe there are areas for improvement, please understand, the products are GREAT!!!! PHENOMENAL, actually. And as foreign as it may seem to many of us, it feels even more phenomenal to know that you are enhancing your beauty without jeopardizing your health. THAT is priceless!

But you know what? That’s not all. RAL makeup literally feels good.  It feels comfortable against the skin. It’s almost like wearing your favorite comfy outfit without sacrificing your style. The makeup feels gourmet. The ingredients in the makeup may be simple, but the results are simply divine.

I’m A Customer for Life

This is one of those companies that is so great and that has such an admirable mission, that I want to be a customer for life.

Red Apple Lipstick is the Apple of cosmetics. -Haydee Montemayor

If I were starting a cosmetic company, Red Apple Lipstick is the company that I would want to emulate.

Are You Intrigued By Red Apple Lipstick?

Don’t worry if you’re a guy or a gal reading this. If you are intrigued, you should consider getting it either for yourself or for the lady in your life.

This, by the way, includes partners, mothers, sisters, nieces, grandmothers. Every lady appreciates a good lipstick.

I hope this Red Apple Lipstick review made you realize that a large focus of beauty should be loving yourself, your body and your health enough to know that the cosmetics that you deserve to wear non-toxic beauty products.

It is practically impossible to be beautiful if we betray the integrity of our body.

Red Apple Lipstick is a company that allows you to honor your beauty without sacrificing your health.

If we care about what we put in our body we have to care about what we put on our body since a large percentage of the products that we apply on the surface of our skin are absorbed by the largest organ on our body, which is precisely, our skin.

Please leave a comment below if you’re either intrigued or in love already with Red Apple Lipstick. If you’re already a customer, tell me about your favorite products…. I’d love to hear your feedback! 🙂

I was both…intrigued, then fell in love! 🙂 It’s a wonderful way to start a lasting relationship.

Additional Red Apple Lipstick Resources

If you want to find out more information about Red Apple Lipstick, you can visit the following sites:



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