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13 Awesome Must-Have Items for New Moms and Babies

Stepping into any baby department or baby store will make it obvious to you that baby products, like any important purchase (and even more in this case, where your precious baby is involved), need to be researched.

Whether you’re expecting, or you know someone who is, below you will find 13 awesome must-have items for new moms that are proven to allow parents to have a much easier and much more pleasant time rearing your baby.

I’ve done the homework for you and have given you the indispensable products that my baby and I have used more than any other products in a way that has helped us do the daily mommy and baby tasks.

Of course, the most important ingredient in parenting is love.

These products, have allowed me to be a more loving mother, and I truly hope that they help you too.

I have provided links that you can use to purchase these products easily on Amazon, where you will soon prove for yourself (if you haven’t already), that you can usually find the best prices (most of the time).

1. Medela Breast Pump

If you will be breastfeeding, regardless of the number of months that you’re planning on doing so (which I highly recommend that it’s for as many months/years as possible, for the benefit of your baby), I believe that it is a super wise investment to buy an electric double pump.

The  Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On the Go Tote is a great choice.

It has worked very well for me.

As a second choice, and especially if you want to have some mobility that doesn’t require being tethered to a wall electric socket, I recommend the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump. You can walk all over the house and do what you need to do while pumping milk.

2. Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra

No matter which of the mentioned pumps you use (or even if you go with your own preferred brand or a manual pump), when you’re a mom, you’ll definitely want to be an “octopus” and have as many hands as possible.

Two just isn’t enough. Right moms?

Therefore, it’s wise to have the ability to be hands-free to tend to your baby, yourself and the million things you need to do (or think you do).

This Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra is easy to get on and off.

And it’s so soft, that it’s the closest thing you’ll have to a spa in many days…weeks, months, and most likely, years.

It’s super soft, so it won’t affect your sore breasts those first few days. It may seem like a lot of money to spend on a bra, but trust me (and the many moms who have reviewed it), every penny is worth it.

I loved this bra soooo much that I wanted to have two, but in all honesty, one of these bras is good enough.

And when you wash it with baby-scent detergent, ahh, heaven!!

3. Boppy Pillow and Travel Boppy Pillow

The Boppy has become a VERY important part of my breastfeeding success and it has allowed me to have quality bonding time with the baby.

Breastfeeding, as you know requires a lot time, energy and commitment.

Aside from my commitment to breastfeed, I literally owe my breastfeeding success to the Boppy. Yes, it’s that important!! Especially when you’re breastfeeding for what seems 24/7 or 22/7 (like in my case) and you’re sleepy, tired, and don’t want to worry too much that your arms won’t be able to withstand the weight of your baby while he/she breastfeeds.

Of course, you always need to be careful while holding the baby, but the Boppy helps so much that it almost becomes a part of you. An extension of your body.

Many of your family members that see the Boppy on your baby registry will probably not know the HUGE value of this item no matter how many baby showers you have (I had 4…I know, I’m soooo lucky!).

My friends and family didn’t recognize its value. So I had to purchase the Boppy and the Boppy Travel Pillow myself.  I wanted to get the sophisticated Boppy, with luxe designs and fabrics, but I had to be budget-conscious.

However, the Boppy Bared Naked Pillow was great enough, especially due to the water-proof liner.

Now listen up. What I have to say is important. If I was limited to buying only ONE baby product, hands-down, it would be the Boppy.

I even recommend the Boppy if you won’t be breastfeeding since it positions the baby at the perfect height for you two to bond and for him/her to feed.

My experience has been that babies LOVE to be on the Boppy and it’s comfortable for tummy time also (meaning, when you’re kids are learning how to crawl).

The Boppy is a fabulous product!

My only additional recommendation: even if you’re taking a lot of items to the hospital when you’re baby is about to be born… please remember to take the Boppy to the hospital or birthing center and start breastfeeding as successfully, cozily and comfortably as possible.

No pillow, no matter how fancy, well tucked, soft or firm it is, is better than the Boppy.

4. Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

There have been many studies that indicate that “wearing” a baby is highly beneficial for the emotional development of a baby given that it provides a great opportunity for bonding.

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is easy to put on and easy to take off carrier and it has been a savior.

Its structure provides a cozy place for the baby. After the womb, the Baby K’tan is the preferred place to be for many babies.

You can use the Baby K’tan at home and easily tuck it into your purse and readily have it on hand when you are out and about with your baby.

This carrier will accommodate your baby no matter if they’re a preemie or a small baby until they’re in preschool or weigh 35 lbs.

And you know what? Your and your husband will look good wearing it! (Just stick to a neutral color).

5. InfinityMOM Nursing Scarf

I believe in breastfeeding in public as long as you are not flashing anyone. 😉

What I love about this scarf, aside from the fact that it’s super portable and that it gives you 360 degrees of coverage when you’re breastfeeding in public, is that you can use it as an infinity scarf.

Needless to say, the designs are fresh and hip and don’t scream “look at me, I’m breastfeeding!” which is always nice because you can feed your baby and feel the least subconscious that breasteeding can allow.

Nobody will see your stomach, nor your back, nor any other body part that you prefer to keep private.

6. Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors

I didn’t think about buying a nail clipper for my baby until my baby was born and I saw the thin, jagged and super-sharp nails that my baby had.

When I started to research baby nail clippers I read “horror” stories about how parents unwillingly clipped the baby’s fingers while clipping his/her nails. They even offered techniques for how they stopped the bleeding.

I don’t know about you, but that made me queasy then and it makes me queasy now just thinking about it.

I couldn’t imagine hurting my baby while clipping nails and trying to stop bleeding.

The possibility of that scenario was too much for me to take.

So I kept on researching… and lo and behold, the Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors came into my awareness.

I bought them and what a blessing they’ve been!

I’ve never clipped my baby’s fingers by accident, and I want to keep it that way.

Cutting a squirmy baby’s nails isn’t easy, I’m not saying it will be, but at least, you know you’re cutting the baby’s nails safely.

7. FuzziBunz One Size Elite Cloth Diapers

I have so many positive things to say about FuzziBunz that I wrote a whole blog post about them.

In a nutshell, they have kept my baby’s bottom dryer, comfier and more rash-free that I could ever imagine.

Plus, they’ve been eco-friendly and pocketbook friendly.

Feel free to try various cloth diapers to see which you and your baby like best, but I have a strong suspicion that the FuzziBunz will win out.

You need 6 to start out, but you’ll be washing daily. A dozen FuzziBunz is “okay,” but ideally, you need 18 FuzziBunz or more to feel more at ease as as though you can have a life away from the laundry machine ;).

8. Coconut Oil

There are few times in life when you encounter a truly versatile and incredibly useful product.

The benefits of coconut oil are seriously too many to mention in this article, but the reason it has made the list is because coconut oil has helped maintain my baby’s bottom diaper rash free.

Keep in mind that diaper creams and cloth diapers don’t mix, but this tropical oil and cloth diapers do.

Coconut oil is useful for a baby’s dry and delicate skin and lips.

Additionally, as you are getting used to breastfeeding, coconut oil is good for sore breasts and you don’t have to worry about the baby eating coconut oil as he/she breastfeeds because it’s safe for them to ingest.

As a matter of fact, one of the reasons why coconut oil is so beneficial is precisely because it is the food item that most closely resembles breast milk. Go figure, right?

9. HALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket

What else can I say but, “aaaaah” (like the angels singing or the Heavens opening).

As you know, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is an issue that we as parents have to be aware of.

This sleepsack is literally and figuratively a life saver.

Regardless of the month your munchkin is born in, you can find Cotton HALO SleepSacks or Micro-fleece HALO SleepSack that take into account how much coverage your baby needs to sleep at night..

While swaddling your baby with muslins is great during the day, these Halo SleepSacks, are comprised of a zipper to zip up your baby.

Plus, some Sleepsacks even have Velcro to hold your baby’s arms close to his/her body so he/she doesn’t wave his/her arms and startled himself/herself awake at night (trust me, you don’t want anything to disturb the baby while he/she is sleeping, especially on those days when either you or the baby aren’t getting much sleep).

Many babies nowadays can unravel themselves from a swaddle with a blanket (mine did this all throughout the day), but they can’t unravel themselves from a HALO SleepSack.

This translates into the baby feeling more protected and for everybody to be in a little bit more peaceful state of mind. This is pure heaven. 😉

10. Delta 48 Piece Nursery Storage Set

Everybody says that babies grow up too fast.

And when you are sleep deprived, exhausted or trying to tackle your mile-long to do list with little success, organizational tools that work are quite handy.

You know the drill, you get many outfits at your baby showers, you get hand-me downs, have saved hand me downs from prior children or find baby clothing on sale.

You want to savor your baby wearing all the cute baby outfits that you’ve envisioned him/her wearing, but if you aren’t organized, you will most likely find an outfit, some shoes, some jackets, or some pjs that your baby no longer fits and hardly ever wore.

It is a truly bittersweet moment because you can’t help but feel that the item went to waste, but you’re thankful that your baby is growing.

In order to prevent that guilt from happening (over and over again), this Delta 48 Piece Nursery Storage Set allows you to have at least 30 items hung, with 12 dividers to separate them by size, type, color or any other label that you want to include.

It comes with a 6-shelf hanging organizer, 3 small bins, 3 large bins and is a good value.

The only downside? I wish it came with more than 30 velvet hangers, because they’re perfect.

The upside? You can choose what color you want your set to be.

I chose green because it’s gender neutral.

I’m very tempted to buy an additional set, and you might too, once you see how much it helps your nursery organization.

11. Spiffies Tooth Wipes

Did you know that there are children under 2 years old that have already had thousands of dollars worth of dental procedures?


Due to poor dental care! Poor babies!

Due to the sugar in both breast milk and formula and the high acidity levels in some of the food that we eat, as soon as your baby’s teeth start growing you must start cleaning them and later brushing them with a small amount of non-flouride toothpaste.

One excellent resource to clean your baby’s teeth are Spiffies Tooth Wipes, created by a pediatrician to reduce the incidence of baby cavities. These pre-moistened baby wipes contain xylothol.

The best thing for your baby?

They don’t mind them at all, and as a matter of fact, they like the taste of these!

Start introducing good dental hygiene to your children early.

That will better guarantee that they preserve their beautiful smile for years to come.

12. Socks that Look Like Shoes

All babies need socks.

But having socks that look like shoes is ideal since your baby will look completely well put together even without shoes.

And as long as your kid isn’t walking yet (especially when you go out) or it’s cold outside, this can translate into you saving a bit of money.

Even when kids have shoes and you put them on, they don’t last on their feet very long. 😉

So essentially, you are also saving time putting shoes on and especially looking for shoes that fallen.

And you even save yourself from worrying that the shoes will fall.

My favorite socks that look like shoes are Trumpette Socks.

These come in boy styles and girl styles. These socks, which come in a multitude of styles, are adorable! It’ll be hard deciding on just one style.

13. Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Newborn Rock n’ Play Sleeper

Aside from the womb, the Baby K’tan, and your arms, the Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Newborn Rock n’ Play Sleeper is a favorite hang-out for your baby.

The curved and soft design will make your baby feel as though he/she is being held. It’s like a baby hammock with structure and a seat-belt, so you’ll feel that your baby is safe here.

This is a fabulous alternative to a flat bassinet.

Your Turn To Share Your Favorite Items

Now that you’ve experienced my essentials:

  • Do you feel that I left any items out?
  • What have your favorite baby items been that you would highly recommend to moms, grandmas and family members expecting to welcome a little one in their lives this year?

Please leave a comment below.

And, if you could be so kind, share this list with the caregivers of beautiful babies that are on their way.

Aside from love, attention and care, let’s give them a warm welcome by having these tools that will make their first days/years on the planet pleasant ones.

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