Twitter can be an important tool in sharing your message, if used wisely.

10 Day Social Media Challenge: Day 4

Twitter can be an important tool in sharing your message, if used wisely.
Twitter can be an important tool in sharing your message, if used wisely.

How to Use the Little Twitter Bird Smartly and Feed it at the Same Time

When you go to someone’s home and you’re embraced with genuine open arms that make you feel like you were always supposed to be there and as a result, you question yourself on why on earth you didn’t come to this lovely place sooner, it’s because you feel genuinely loved and treasured. That is how Twitter makes me feel when I use it. By the looks of it, and based on the great opinions of other people that I’ve heard recently, that’s the way Twitter makes many people feel. This positive experience is what makes Twitter one of the most beloved platforms out there, despite the fact that it’s not necessarily the most popular.

There are spaces like Twitter, that make many of us inevitably feel at home.
There are spaces like Twitter, that make many of us inevitably feel at home.

So what is the Best Way to use Twitter?

If you are wondering how to best use Twitter, you are not alone. With all the hashtags, @ symbols and shorter links that you can’t really make sense of at first glance, it’s no wonder if you doubt whether you can embrace this unique platform when you first encounter it. It is necessary to learn a little bit about the ins and outs of Twitter to use it to its full advantage. But it’s important that you keep two things in mind:

  1. Of all the platforms, I think that the comfort you will feel when using Twitter will make you say, “Alright, I can learn this and I WANT to learn how best to use this platform. The nice people that I want to interact with and who are very kindly interacting with me are making my learning of Twitter more worthwhile.”
  2. Use Twitter to EDIFY and uplift people. As I said in my blog for Day 2 of the Social Media Challenge,

“Twitter is like a gift exchange reunion. It inspires you to learn about it to be able to share your gifts with others, but most importantly, it  inspires you to look within yourself and truly dig deep to learn what you succinctly have to offer the world.”

Looking at this rationale to learning more about Twitter makes this less daunting, more meaningful and more fun.

Looking for Unique Ways to Use Twitter?

In Day 4 of the Social Media Challenge, Natalie Sisson asks us to answer the following question:

How are you using Twitter to build your brand, engage with your community and find new customers?

In the time that I’ve been using Twitter, I have used it to:

  • Participate in live courses and provide live feedback for those courses
  • Vote for people on TV shows
  • Reach out to famous people (and have had them write back!! Yahoo!)
  • Retweet words by people who are famous and not famous yet (that’s the operative word)
  • Respond to friends and family
  • Interact with people who follow me
  • Share my vision
  • Increase my confidence
  • Promote other people’s services, writings and teachings
  • Provide inspiration to my followers

Here are some great resources for how you can use Twitter. Be forewarned that there’s lots of tips but if you do at least one a day, over the next month, you will have greatly improved your knowledge of and benefit from Twitter.

Given that there is so much to implement and learn when it comes to Twitter and other social media platforms, I will continue to work towards my efficacy on that and sincerely hope that you join me on this journey. Let’s branch out! Get it? 😉

Your Turn to See if You Heard this Post’s Tweet Accurately

Twitter is a platform such a rich experience and is conducive to such engaging conversation, that it’s hard to limit today’s questions to only one or two. So pick your favorite question below and share your answer in the comments section.

  • What do you use Twitter for?
  • How do you use it to interact with others?
  • What gifts do you give on Twitter?
  • What gifts does it give you?
  • What is the best experience you have had on Twitter?

If you believe that other people in your awesome network will find this article useful, please share it using any of your social media platforms that you are working toward really making the best use of.



    • Haydee says:

      Thank you, Kristy. Some authors and some designers. It’s really touching to be able to reach out to the people whom you admire and get a response. Have you been tweeted by famous people? I love your domain name, by the way. 🙂

  1. Kristy says:

    Thanks Haydee. Depends what we mean by famous, but I agree – the ideal is probably those we admire.

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