Okay, I Admit It. I'm NOT A Perfect Mom.

(Truth: Oprah was right. Motherhood IS the hardest job on Earth). 

I AM, however, a mom who thinks that motherhood is the BEST job on Earth.
I like to teach moms about little ones, love and truly living.

I am a Motherhood Lifestyle Designer.

I'll Help You Be A Present Mother

I have dedicated this site to sharing what I know about being a loving, engaged and connected mother even when I'm busy writing this site, trying to take care of myself, trying to take care of my home, decluttering with the KonMari method and being a wife and mom.

Is it easy? NO way!

Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!


On this Love and Treasure safe haven, you'll find tips, inspiration and an invitation to step up your game in life, love and motherhood.


Here are 3 Tips To Start Being A More Conscientious Mother Today!

It doesn't matter how old your kids are or what day of the week it is. Your primary purpose in life is to be a mother.

There is no more sacred calling than motherhood. SO STOP LOOKING!

Do you have talents that can help humanity in awesome ways? Sure! But let me warn you that it will ALL be worthless if you lose sight of what's really important... Your Kids. Your family. You.

Be you to such a degree that you KNOW when you're sleepwalking through motherhood.

Don't pass the bad discipline you received growing up.

Most importantly, don't make your own children feel rejected like you once were.

They shouldn't have to work that hard at being your children. They shouldn't work that hard to be seen. Cherished. Loved. Treasured.

2) Give Them You

It's not about giving your kids the best things in the world. It's about truly being able to give them "you."

Not your money, not the toys, not an image of you glued to the computer or to your phone, but actually "YOU."

At least for a few minutes daily (half an hour or several hours preferably) eliminate the distractions. (I know it's easier said than done).

Use your intuition.

If your intuition tells you that you're letting someone else or something else raise your kids, you probably are.

Said another way, If you suspect your child THINKS, FEELS or KNOWS that you prefer your social life, your phone or your job more than you prefer them, that's most likely true.

Parenting is about letting them into YOUR world and being interested in THEIRS.


Love them not how you'd like to be loved but in a way that THEY ACTUALLY FEEL loved.

Not twice a year on their birthday and Christmas, but every day.

How can you know how they feel loved? By getting to know them.

By not assuming. By listening. By being present. 

Commit to Mothering Consciously

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