My Lifestyle Favorites For Spring 2017 (Part 2)

Last week, I shared with you some of the items I’ve greatly been enjoying My Lifestyle Favorites For Spring 2017 (Part 1)My Lifestyle Favorites For Spring 2017 (Part 1) that included the following categories:

  • plugins
  • digital products
  • family products
  • office products
  • fashion items
  • food and
  • baby/kid products

Today, I’d like to share MORE of my favorites with you because I think that you’ll also enjoy them in the seasons ahead.



Multi-media Favorites


I love music. It relaxes me. It makes me happy.


But instead of sharing you ONE song that I’ve been enjoying, I want to share something even BETTER.


I have been enjoying Prime Music , which is included with your  Amazon Prime membership.

Prime Music Logo on Haydee Montemayor 's blog Love and Treasure

Basically, Prime Music is a service that allows you to play one of 2 million, ad-free, on-demand songs on your computer, on your Android Tablet, iOS tablet, Android Phone, iOS phone or on your hands-free speakers from Amazon’s Alexa family.  (Just for reference, Amazon’s Echo Dot 2nd generation, has about 4 times as many reviews as the Harry Potter movie with the most reviews.  People are really liking these hands-free speakers).


Personally, I use Prime Music on my cell phone , on my computer’s web browser and on my own Wi-fi enabled speakers.


If you’re a music lover who loves lots of music, Prime Music may perhaps not satisfy you fully. If you want access to tens of millions of songs, perhaps you may want to consider enrolling in Amazon Music Unlimited .


Amazon Music Unlimited logo on Haydee Montemayor 's blog Love and Treasure blog

But don’t worry, you don’t have to make the choice right now. If you’re a Prime user, I suggest that you try Prime Music. If it has all the songs you want, great!.


However, if you try Prime Music and you run into various instances in which there are only 2 albums for your favorite artist when you KNOW that they have several albums, then, perhaps Amazon Music Unlimited is for you. But even then, you don’t have to commit, since you get to try this service for free for 30 days.

And now, through June 18th, there is a deal for Prime Users to save some more on your annual Amazon Music Unlimited plan if this is your first time signing up for this service and you’re an Amazon Prime member.



Favorite App

The app that I have been enjoying the most lately, is Twitter.

Twitter bird on Love and Treasure blog post by Haydee Montemayor
Courtesy of Twitter


I’m surprised that this is my favorite app because I usually like to express myself freely with no restraints on the number of characters that I can use, BUT I enjoy the simple, quick interactions that I can have with people on Twitter.



Favorite Public Personality and TV Show

Marcus Lemonis and The Profit

I honestly don’t know where to start with Marcus. You know how there are people that you come across that you think “WOW! What a stand-up guy!” or “What a stand-up lady?” Well, that’s Marcus. He’s one of THE MOST stand-up guys I’ve EVER met (and I’ve encountered a handful)!

Marcus Lemonis image on Love and Treasure blog by Haydee Montemayor
Photo Courtesy of CNBC


Marcus Lemonis is known for his ability to turnaround businesses on his CNBC show (he’s even referred to as the Turnaround King, from time to time). Marcus receives thousands of letters from struggling businesses asking for his help because they KNOW he has the skills to save their business and help their profitability skyrocket.


But, Marcus is SO MUCH more than a businessman. He’s a wonderful human being. Actually, I often thought he’s an angel. His heart and his ability to connect to the joy, to the pain, to the worry, to the struggles, to the potential of others is unparalleled. Let me say it like this, I’ve never met someone who can connect with so many so well or who can connect with ONE individual so well. I’ve never met someone who is as emotionally intelligent as he is.


He has that type of nature that everybody wants to be around. He’s the light and we’re the moths.


I know that it may sound like I’m a groupie, but, what I’m really drawn to is someone who has taken the hardships in life and has crossed the bridge of despair and is encouraging us who’ve also been through hardships to dare to cross the bridge, because it’s better on the other side.


Marcus is a billionaire. BUT, his most valuable asset is his heart.


I’ve never met someone like him.


By being vulnerable, real, raw, kind, savvy, engaging and luminescent, Marcus inspires me to be more generous and to pursue my dreams with more fervor.


And I’ve barely described, him as an individual. He’s a heck of a businessman. He’s AMAZING at teaching you about how businesses should run… not just to get by, to be great.


I highly recommend that you watch The Profit, which started on June 6th, 2017 on CNBC. But be sure to watch the aired episodes.


One of the things that I’ve liked the most about Marcus, is that he’s allowed me to develop my business intuition.


Ever since I was a tween, I was able to sense when a business or a customer service rep were living to their full potential. And to be honest with you, it aggravated me, when things didn’t run smoothly. Why? Because businesses and the services that businesses provide you with are like a group of dominoes standing up. If they didn’t provide my mom or me with a good service, it made my mom upset, and she would more easily get upset with my siblings and I. And it really didn’t matter what age I was, I always saw bad service as being disrespectful to people. And it’s sad to place your trust in a company that doesn’t deliver.


Marcus is a pro in business…. probably more than the Sharks from Shark Tank. He’ll make you more business savvy than you’ve ever imagined, and he’ll do so in a fun, engaging way.


The reason Marcus is not a Shark is that he invests not only his own money, but also his time, his resources, his intuition, his wisdom, his friendship, his mentoring, and most importantly his heart. He doesn’t see the people that he deals with as “less than,” he sees them as equals.  It’s possible that he might do fewer deals than the Sharks do, but he pours his soul into his businesses. He LOVES his businesses. They are his life. And he loves the people that he works with. This is a model of how the world should run… with one person supporting the next.


So watch an episode of The Profit if you haven’t already, ASAP. I have to warn you though. You’ll probably be hooked after the first episode. You see, this show isn’t about drama. It isn’t scripted. It’s the real deal. It’s so refreshing… and you’ll ask for 2nd’s, just as if it were lemonade.


I recommend you follow Marcus on Twitter. He’s super engaged with his loyal, big-hearted, supportive, loving following. Marcus makes life more fun, all around.


I’m absolutely sure of one thing. And that is, that once you meet Marcus, you’ll agree that my description of him and his show doesn’t do him justice. He will blow you out of the water.


The Profit is my favorite show. I wouldn’t doubt it if it becomes yours.



Other TV Shows

I am a romantic at heart. I can’t help it. So, if I like the most naive reality shows that you can think of, excuse me. 🙂


Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Image on Love and Treasure blog by Haydee Montemayor
Courtesy of Married at First Sight


Last year, I shared that I loved Married At First Sight. I like this season even more. It’s always better when there is more potential that couples form a lasting marriage.


The Bachelorette

It’s funny how many people make fun of this show. I even understand that most of the couples break apart.  A couple of weeks ago, I read that the 2nd to the last Bachelor split with his fiancée.


The Bachelorette logo on Love and Treasure blog by Haydee Montemayor
Courtesy of ABC

So I know that the odds of couples not working out is pretty big (way more than 50%), BUT, I still like it.


The reason I like both Married At First Sight and The Bachelorette is that I see them as a real-life movie. I know that real-life is, unfortunately, not as romantic as some of the dates and moments captured on these shows are, BUT, they can lead to a lasting relationship. And it’s nice when lasting marriages are formed.


In other words, to me, these shows, although many people claim they’re just fantasy, are a bit more real than movies. And I like that. 😃 As a matter of fact, the shows and movies that I watch have to have a high degree of realism… otherwise, I’ll just tune out. I like things that resemble the day-to-day but are a little more special, more positive, more magical.




The Young Turks

The Young Turks logo on Love and Treasure website by Haydee Montemayor
Courtesy of


One thing that I DON’T like about reality is bad news.


When people tell me, “Guess what?” I expect them to tell me something positive, not something negative. Hahaha. 🙂


As you may have heard me say, I am not a fan of news or politics.  HOWEVER, I was rudely awakened with the downturn of politics in the Summer of 2016.


What I’ve loved about The Young Turks (TYT), the largest online news show, is that it allowed me to ease into politics. I went on YouTube and chose the videos I wanted to watch.


If I wanted to stop watching a story for whatever reason, I was able to, if I wanted to fast forward through some parts I didn’t want to see, I could. If I wanted to rewatch the news story and share it, I could.


Cenk Uygur is a wonderful host. He’s my favorite news host ever! He talks about the most important topics in a wise, to-the-point way. He also has a wonderful sense of humor.


I’m not the only one who thinks that TYT is great. 


The Young Turks won a 2017 Webby Award and a 2017 Shorty Award. Plus, TYT news show is in the running to win a 2017 Streamy.


I also love the say-it-like-it-is attitude by the beautiful Ana Kasparian. I love John Iadarola ‘s relatable,  straight-forward reporting and his tongue-in-cheek tweets.


TYT has hired lots of new people recently, and they have others that work on the other TYT shows. But my favorite is Cenk Uygur, my 2nd favorite is Ana, and my 3rd favorite is John. I almost don’t like to watch anybody else but them. Even still, often I’m not drawn to their segments unless Cenk is on with one of my other favorites.


What I want in a news-show is for the anchors to be SUPER smart, and SUPER real. Anything less is not good enough for me.


“There’s probably nothing worse than someone sharing bad news with the country without you being able to tell if the news anchor is for or against what they’re reporting on. In times like this objectivity isn’t important. Truth and connectivity are.” -Haydee Montemayor



The Rachel Maddow Show

The Rachel Maddow Show on Love and Treasure blog by Haydee Montemayor
Courtesy of MSNBC

People always say that stories are powerful.


Ironically, the subject that I disliked the most in school was history. I know, I know, shame on me.


The point is, thanks to her ability to make what was in my opinion “boring” interesting, I can now look forward to watching traditional news shows.


I love her sense of humor, especially her smile and her giggles. It’s almost like she’s a friend sharing with me what the world events are.


She, her news team and her guests pose very useful questions, the kind that I would be thinking myself.


I never thought I would say this, but she makes news and history fascinating.


What I like the most about her though, once again is her realness. She seems not to hold back on her worries, her knowledge, her questions about the future. I love it when news anchors like her and the TYT team, can act like real human beings giving real human news. Because ironically, I’ve come to understand that politics is more than just about ideologies, it’s about the people… and the constant need to fight a fight between good vs. evil in the hope that the good guys win and are able to help the people who need the most help, whether it’s to preserve the sacredness of their territory, to make their water is safe, to make sure that their healthcare is safe or to preserve the existence of the very democracy that they’ve come to love.



Favorite YouTuber

Hilary from My So Called Home

My So Called Home picture on Love and Treasure blog by Haydee Montemayor


I don’t watch much TV, so my greatest form of entertainment comes via my Apple TV. And the app that I use the most is YouTube.


One of my favorite YouTube channels is My So-Called Home by Hilary.  She’s just a YouTuber from New Jersey who focuses on her home and her family life. She moved into a new home in May 2017, so it’s been neat to see the upgrades she’s made to her fixer-upper.


I love Hilary’s simple, relatable way of sharing what she knows in such a generous way. Her voice is soothing, and I never get tired of hearing it.


As I’ve shared with her, she inspires me to be better. She has done YouTube love videos in which she recommends other YouTubers to her viewers. This is a testament to her generosity. You should check her out.



To Wrap Up

As you can see, my tastes are simple. I like honest people being real, being kind, being useful who shed light on the blessings that we all have and offer us ways of preserving those blessings.


If you like those things, you’ll like the people who I’ve shared.



Now It’s YOUR Turn

  • Do you know any of the people that I mentioned/ Would you agree that they’re as amazing as I shared they are?
  • If you don’t know anybody, who are you excited to meet? Or what service are you excited to try?


Please share your answer with me in the comments below

Money Archetype by Denise Duffield-Thomas recommended by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure

Could Your “Money Personality” Be Sabotaging You?

Hello Love and Treasure Community, I have a special treat for you. Here is a guest blog post by Denise Duffield-Thomas, author of two amazing books that will help you remove the obstacles that you have surrounding money, who will help you answer: Could Your “Money” Personality Be Sabotaging You?

It’s hard to love and treasure the most important things in life when you have money worrying you in the back of your mind.

Hope you enjoy it.  =)

And at the end, I highly suggest that you take her quiz so that you know what your money personality is.  This will help you see what aspects of your money personality are positive and what aspects you can tweak to be even more abundant in every sense of the word.

Without further ado… here’s Denise.



You know the feeling you get when you do “that thing” around money AGAIN?

Spend wildly on a new extravagance even though bills are due…

Hoard every penny even though you really want to splurge on a vacation…

Forgo a spa treatment because your daughter really wants that new pair of designer jeans…

Whatever you do with money, I bet you don’t just do it once. Most of us have habits with money — some of which serve us, and some which definitely do not.

So we do “that thing” again, and inside we feel unhappy. It’s not that we don’t want to treat ourselves, or save up money, or buy our loved ones special gifts.

It’s just that we feel like we’re making money decisions on autopilot. Like we’re not in control of the situation, and we’re not so sure we’re crazy about the results of our actions.

Well, what if I told you that you have a unique “money DNA” which is where those habits come from?

Even better, what if I told you that you could “crack the code” on your money DNA and start to leverage your money strengths, while compensating for your weaknesses — so you could stop repeating that same old money story and start living a new one?

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My Lifestyle Favorites For Spring 2017 (Part 1)

Is it just me or has 2017 gone by in a flash?


You probably feel it’s gone in a flash, too.


So, before any more time slips out of our hands, let me share some of my Spring 2017 Lifestyle Favorites that you can enjoy this Spring and beyond.


Some of these links are affiliate links. All opinions are my own, and I share these products with you because I think you’ll REALLY love them.


Do You Feel Guilty Just Thinking About Shopping?

Hey, I get it.


When you have little ones, what you want to do is buy things for them. Buy what they need, not necessarily what you want.


But, let me share a favorite plugin, that will make you feel a little bit better about buying online.




It’s called Ebates.


If you haven’t tried Ebates, you’re in for a very special treat. Can I be super honest with you? I had heard several people raving about

Can I be super honest with you? Several years ago, I had heard several people raving about Ebates , but I didn’t sign up. It kept on pushing this task off, thinking that this wasn’t as cool of a plugin as people said it was.


But boy, was I wrong! And it potentially cost me hundreds of dollars as a result of not having signed up earlier.


Why do I say this?


Because within days of signing up, I had earned about $25.56 dollars cash back, given that I had made a few more purchases than usual (you’ll see some of these purchases below).


If you sign up for Ebates through this link, you’ll get $10.00 in bonus cash back right away. Pretty sweet, right?


Read More

5 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Artist (Part 2) 5.12.17 by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure Blog

5 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Artist (Part 2)

In the previous post, we talked about the first 3 out of the 5 ways to embrace your inner artist. Today, we will explore the rest.


4) A Pristine, Clean Home Isn’t The Goal

There is a time and place to teach your kids to take care of themselves. But unless paint, glitter, glue or something super hard to clean is being thrown all around, don’t worry too much about the mess that your kid can be making while making art.


Two posts ago, I shared that deciding where to make art was important. I also recommended using an art mat to protect your table.


But overall, know that you will see glue sticks out, crayons out, artwork on your home surfaces, paint projects drying. It’s normal.


It’s common to see this kind of stuff in homes where kids are just being kids, but if you’re homeschooling your kids with the Mother Goose Time Curriculum, expect to see these artistic products and finished projects even more.


“The art supplies, art projects and kid messes you feel overwhelmed by today, will probably be the things you miss most when your kids leave the nest.” – Haydee Montemayor

Read More

5 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Artist (Part 1) 5.5.17 by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure

5 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Artist (Part 1)

What does embracing your inner artist mean to you?

To me, embracing your inner artist means recognizing the benefits of making art for the sake of making art and then pursuing art for the sheer pleasure it can give.


It means that while I may or may not be the best artist or consider myself to have any, a little or a lot of artistic talent, I’m cool with making art.


In the last post, 5 Ways To Get Comfortable With Art, I shared the basics of being willing to go near art.


Today, I want so share how to friend art.


Ready To Embrace Your Inner Artist?


Let’s DO THIS!

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5 Practical Ways to Get Comfortable With Art 4.28.17 by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure blog

5 Practical Ways To Get Comfortable With Art

Last week, we talked about the fact that often, we are the ones who get in our own way of creating art.


But, we need to get over ourselves for our sake, for our child’s sake. We need to create art for the fun of it and for the creativity benefits it provides.

“There’s no better way to learning about creativity than by being creative.” -Haydee Montemayor


Here Are 5 Practical Ways To Get More Comfortable With Art

There are 5 little things that you need to make art:

  1. Gather The Materials to Make Art
  2. Make The Time to Make Art
  3. Decide The Best Location To Make Art
  4. Be in the Moment While Doing Art And
  5. Appreciate The Art You Make

Read More

The Most Important Lesson You Can Learn From A Millionaire Artist by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure

The Most Important Lesson You Can Learn From A Millionaire Artist

As a creative and a writer, I recognize the immense importance that creativity plays in our early years and throughout our life.


But, if we stop to really ask ourselves how comfortable we are with creativity, most of us would agree that creativity is an uncomfortable process.


We think that in order to engage in creative tasks, we must prune our insecurities and deliver just the fruit.


But, it’s an oxymoron to think like that because:


“Creativity and insecurity go hand in hand.”


Don’t believe me?


Just think about it for just a second.


If I were to wave my magic wand (or A magic wand… I don’t have one, but it would be nice)… and grant you the ability to do the creative task that appeals to you THE MOST.


What creative task would you want to do?

  • Writing a book?
  • Writing a blog?
  • Watercoloring?
  • Cupcake decorating?
  • Sewing?
  • Card making?
  • Jewelry making?
  • Oh I know… singing?
  • Dancing?
  • All of the above?


It really doesn’t matter if the creative task that you’d like to do is in the list or if I failed to include it.


The following question is much more important:


WHAT is keeping you from engaging in this art?

Think about it for a moment. Listen to your internal dialogue and then tell me what your “inner you” told your “outer you.”

Read More

10 Reasons You'll Love Mother Goose Time 4.14.17 by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure blog

12 Reasons Why You’ll Love Mother Goose Time

In a world filled with too much information and too many products, it’s difficult to choose. So, what do we do? We read reviews, such as those on Amazon and we ask for recommendations from people who are in a similar situation as us.  So if you’re wondering what preschool curriculum you should choose, here are 10 reasons why you’ll love Mother Goose Time.


12 Reasons Why You’ll Love Mother Goose Time


Reason #1: You Get To Make Your Child A Priority

We have way too many things to fill our day with.


It doesn’t matter if you stretch your days horizontally and wake up earlier and go to bed later… you’ll always have more to do.


It also doesn’t matter if you stretch your days vertically and work every weekend and weekday, you still probably won’t have enough time to do all that you want to do.


So, I have a tip for you that I often have to remind myself of:

"Instead of thinking of the million different reasons why you can't spend more time with your child, make it your #1 daily goal to actually spend time with your child." - Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure blog

“Instead of thinking of the million different reasons why you can’t spend more time with your child, make it your #1 daily goal to actually spend time with your child.” – Haydee Montemayor


And while playing board games, watching movies and taking leisurely strolls in the park is perhaps difficult for our adult brains to think of as “constructive use” of our time and our child’s time… (because we may think that those activities are waayyyy too relaxing and waaaaayyyy too much fun), it is easier to “brainwash” yourself into doing an educational activity, because you think you’re still being productive.


But newsflash, your kids don’t care about being productive. they care about spending more time with you.


So whether you decide to play, relax or teach them something… they’ll appreciate it, deep down.



Reason #2: You Get To Be In The Front Row Seat

Pretend, that your child is the driver of their life… and you’re they’re co-pilot.


When you take the time to teach them, you get to see the emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical direction your kid is taking.


You get to see projects that your kids work on, not based on what someone else taught them, but rather, you see the whole procedure of how that project came to life…. thanks to your guidance.

"Who do you want to be in your child's life? Someone who sees snapshots of your child's educational travel album? Or someone who takes the journey with them?" - Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure

“Who do you want to be in your child’s life? Someone who sees snapshots of your child’s educational travel album? Or someone who takes the journey with them?” – Haydee Montemayor


By teaching them, you get to see not just what your kids make, but also how they make it.


  • And their thought behind that creation.
  • What they struggle with.
  • What they enjoy, the connections that they make.
  • And you get to see the creator himself/herself.


In sum, you get to see the brainstorming session, the rough draft, the finished product, the bloopers, and perhaps most importantly, the way in which these little weekly and daily lessons transform your child right before your eyes.

"When you're involved in your child's life, you get to see the brainstorm, the rough draft, the bloopers and the finished yet evolutionary masterpiece." -Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure


“When you’re involved in your child’s life, you get to see the brainstorm, the rough draft, the bloopers and the finished yet evolutionary masterpiece.” -Haydee Montemayor

Letter E by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure blog


Reason #3: You’ll Expose Your Kids To Lessons That You Wouldn’t Have Otherwise

For example, if you were teaching your children about ponds, would you ever talk about…algae?


Yeah, you might mention it… but would you ACTUALLY have the materials and the resources to spend a half-day or a full day talking about algae?


  1. Would you talk about submerged pond plants? For half a day or a full day?
  2. How about bog plants? (Do you even know what those are?)
  3. Emergent pond plants?
  4. Floating pond plants?
  5. A water strider?
  6. A mayfly?
  7. A backswimmer? (And nope, I’m not talking about a person who swims on their back).

I Spy, Looking Glasses and Theme Poster by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure you can find at P1210023


Reason #4: This Curriculum Is Pretty Much “Open And Use”

Why do I say open?


Because when you OPEN the box, you literally have about 23 or 24 bags.


  • Each of the 20 weekday daily lesson that you’ll use for a given month comes in its own separate bag, in 20 Day Bags.
  • If it’s your first kit, you’ll get a Welcome Kit.
  • The Teacher Tool Kit which comes in its own bag will contain the resources.
  • The Circle Time Resources come in their own bag
  • If there are any holidays in that month, the Celebration Kit / Holiday Resources will come in their own bag, as well.

Mother Goose Time Teacher Guide and Planning Journal by blogger Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure blog found at


Reason #5: You’ll Have Researched-based And Multi-disciplinary Lessons That Correspond To One Theme For One Full Month

While many of us “super moms” want to think that we’re super savvy and that we could potennntially pull these types of lessons from the internet, the truth is, it’s actually much more complicated than it looks to put together a comprehensive curriculum.


It would probably take you at least one month to simply to put the resources together in this fluid, interconnected and meaningful way. I’m not kidding.


Even if it took you half that time, that would mean you would be preparing the materials for half a month…each month.


Think about it, even if you wanted to put this curriculum together, you would need to get multiple things:

  1. The daily activities for talking about the calendar, weather and schedule in Circle Time… that related to the monthly theme
  2. 2 songs (one for the beginning of the day, the other for the end of the day) and their adapted words so that the songs that correspond to both the daily lesson AND that also tied into the monthly theme
  3. the opening activity discussion topics
  4. the lessons (about 3 a day, with multiple mini-lessons in each)
  5. the learning manipulatives
  6. the craft materials, cutouts, art inspiration pieces
  7. The daily recommended books
  8. the included book
  9. the investigation lessons
  10. The planning guide
  11. the journal
  12. The closing activity discussion topics


In your busy life, that’s probably already topped to the brim, do you honestly think that you could devote this amount of time to compiling all these resources and ALSO have the time to teach your kids? Nope, I didn’t think so… because I don’t have that kind of time either.


Even if you could pull that off.. would you be able to teach your kids lovingly and patiently? I’ll let you answer your own question.



Reason #6: It’s High Quality

Mother Goose Time lessons are high quality not only in terms of the quality of the materials themselves, but most importantly, they’re high-quality academically -speaking.


Simply, said, the lessons themselves are high quality.


You see, learning is simply connections.


Think of them as links.

Random Links by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure blog

Or links that relate to one another.

Links that relate by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure blog

When you start digging into knowledge… you would tend to think that knowledge is like columns.Colored Links by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure blog


You would think that all the concepts that we know are one initial link (the first link). Then, when we come across something new in our life that’s related to that initial link, we link the new link (the second link) to that initial link (the first link) to make a connection between the two concepts.

Connected Links by Haydee Montemayor at Love and Treasure blog

Scientifically speaking, each concept is called, schema or schemata (plural). All the concepts that we know are schema… and when we add more pieces of information to that original schema, our understanding of the subject becomes deeper.


But, as you can imagine, well know, and have experienced… knowledge isn’t always linear.


As a matter of fact, it rarely ever is.


There aren’t perfect “rows of knowledge” or “rows of concepts” that go on forever.

Interconnected Links by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure blog



"Knowledge is like a web, in which the rows of concepts connect between themselves and everything ultimately ends up being interconnected." - Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure

“Knowledge is like a web, in which the rows of concepts connect between themselves and everything ultimately ends up being interconnected.” – Haydee Montemayor


Linked World by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure


With Mother Goose Time, you will be able to help your child make even more connections and see more patterns than they normally would in order to help them understand the world because you would have taught them the majority of the lessons yourself, so that would give you the leverage or knowledge to help them link concept links.

Linked Heart by Haydee from Love and Treasure

You could bring up one memory after the other to make this sort of connection.


For example… you could say:

  • Remember when you helped me cook…?
  • Remember when we went…?
  • Remember when grandma told you about…?
  • Remember the book we read that talked about…?
  • Remember the game we played that… ?


These types of questions are endless.


And the beauty about a program like Mother Goose Time, is that often, you don’t have to be the one to bring up these connections because it will be your child saying things like:

  • This is like…
  • Like Thomas the Train…
  • Like The Hungry Caterpillar…
  • Like the birds that we talked about…
  • Remember when you read me the book… ?


In other words, they will link lessons to lessons, lessons to the natural world, lessons to stories and lessons to their toys. It’s all good. It’s learning.


Reason #7 You’ll Better Understand The Types Of Activities That Are Adequate For Your Kids At This Age

As parents, we think we know what activities are best for our kids, but… new toys come out. New educational research is done. There are safety recalls that are done. School standards change. Development research continues to develop.


In other words, we can’t just rely on toys to educate our children. But knowing the right educational activities is hard.


You know why? Because educational activities aren’t necessarily “good” or “bad” (unless the content that you’re teaching in these educational activities is good or bad)… but I’ve found that the best activities for preschoolers are those that are well-designed… but open ended.


In other words, what we’re gauging, is at the pre-school level is each child’s abilities, as well as their potential.


So their abilities and potential aren’t necessarily “good” or “bad.”

"Kids are like seeds. You have to nurture them, but you gotta give them space to grow." - Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure

“Kids are like seeds. You have to nurture them, but you gotta give them space to grow.” – Haydee Montemayor

They are unique and will blossom in their own time.


Reason #8: You’ll See Your Kids Enjoy Mother Goose Time Like Crazy!

In my last post, 10 Reasons Your Kids Will Love Mother Goose Time , I explained, exactly that.


And it’s one thing to read about your kids potentially enjoying Mother Goose Time,.. and it’s a whole other thing to see them really experience and enjoy those activities.


You know that as parents we’re totally susceptible to the joy of our children.


And just to give you a little bit of perspective… imagine how you would have felt as a kid learning about the world in a fun, crafty and super-engaging way. That’s how Mother Goose Time is.



Reason #9: You Can Get In Touch With Your Own Creativity

So now that you have started to imagine how fun it would have been to learn in this way form potentially the comfort of your own home, and from your parents who would have made the time for you, let me just let you know that even if you’re saying internally…


“Yeah, right, my parents wouldn’t have done this for me/ been able to do this for me/ or made the time to teach me this way.” … forget your parents.


Now, that YOU’RE a parent, you can not only parent your child like this….


BUT… there is a big BUT right here…. you can also participate in these activities.


It will not only be beneficial for you, but it will be beneficial for your child (I’ll talk more about this in my next post).


But suffice it to say, you’ll have fun by getting in touch with your creativity.



Reason #10 You Can Learn A Thing Or Two

If you’re a TRUE, sincere learner, you KNOW that this is just a given.


You don’t know it all. You weren’t taught it all. You weren’t exposed to it all.


So learning about bog plants or emergent pond plants… along with your child is perfectly acceptable.


There’s no shame whatsoever. Remember, stay humble. Most importantly, express true wonder and curiosity about the things that you and your child are learning, and you’ll turboboost your child’s capacity to wonder about the world… for life.



Reason #11 You’ll Have The Satisfaction Of Teaching Your Children

This is one of those reasons that can’t be said enough.


YOU, mom, YOU dad, are MORE capable than teaching your child their shapes, the colors, the numbers and their ABC’s.


Is that clear?


And while the amount of items you get with the Mother Goose Time curriculum is A LOT. And maybe a little bit overwhelming if you’ve never taught before, please know that the lessons are explained SO well..and the curriculum is so user friendly that you really can’t mess it up.

And just so you know, the Family Newsletter will provide you with parent-friendly ideas to start making connections between the concepts that you’ll teach your child and their day-to-day life.

"Any lesson, big or small... delivered as often as possible, to your children, will boost their joy for learning and your joy for teaching. " - Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure

“Any lesson, big or small… delivered as often as possible, to your children, will boost their joy for learning and your joy for teaching. ” – Haydee Montemayor


YOU ARE your child’s 1st teacher.


And while it might be tempting to wait for some distant future to get here for someone else to teach your children all they need to know (a.k.a. a school teacher)… let me tell you this, in the most loving way possible… NO TEACHER… like NONE, will ever be with your child for most of their life…. to teach them everything that they “have to” know. Zero.


YOU were chosen to be with your child from day 1.


And while there is a special place in the world for teachers, who by the way deserve WAYYYYY much more praise than they get, remember that your child is YOUR diamond.


You don’t ask a person to take care of your diamonds for you for most of the year, for most years and years, do you?


(Unless maybe you have one of those safe boxes at a bank).


My point is, your child, your diamond, is YOUR treasure. Love and Treasure them.


(That’s the whole point about this blog… to remind you and to remind me, those and that which is truly worthy of us loving and treasuring them).



Reason #12 You’ll Make Memories With Your Children

Again, I can just sigh thinking about this reason.


"Memories are the imaginary, yet very real photos in our hearts, minds and souls in which we are accompanied and we accompany the people who we love and the people who love us." - Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure

“Memories are the imaginary, yet very real photos in our hearts, minds and souls in which we are accompanied and we accompany the people who we love and the people who love us.” – Haydee Montemayor


And speaking of, crafts, these lessons, aside from having an educational value, have a memory-keeping value.


These lessons provide:

  • great photo-taking opportunities
  • journaling opportunities
  • and even creating a portfolio, scrapbook or file of what their best, most meaningful activities are at this point in their lives.


You will one day be able to look back and see how your children wrote their name, their last name, colored, did art, cut paper and drew.

These precious moments of learning are happening in front of our eyes, and if we don’t stop to pay attention and record them, they will slip us by and we won’t remember them.


It really doesn’t matter how good of a memory you have or how much you love your children… you will forget things, so be able to preserve the things along these learning journey that you think you and your child will cherish in a few years.



To Wrap Up

Hopefully, you feel encouraged by these 12 reasons to engage in your child’s learning.


Find high quality lessons, a homeschool curriculum of your choice or use Mother Goose Time to teach your kids.


The most important resources are you and your child.


If you’re worried about teaching your child educational lessons the wrong way, don’t be.


In the case of Mother Goose Time, there is greater flexibility in these lessons than you would initially think because the curriculum isn’t mandated by a school institution or school district.


You are simply teaching your child based on the materials provided and your knowledge of the child themselves, which is a great plus.


To give you some encouragement and to let you know that “You’ve Got This” perhaps the one thing that you should keep in mind with the Mother Goose Time Curriculum (or any other pre-school curriculum) is that its slogan, which you’ll be reminded of every time you open the box says it all…. “Helping You Grow Lifelong Learners.”


And isn’t that what life is really about? Helping, growing and learning for a lifetime?


And I even would dare to say that the best way that we can show our children how to be lifelong learners is by being lifelong learners ourselves… and for them being able to be on that learning journey with us. After all,  it’s a two-way street. 😃 We benefit from their company and they benefit from ours.



Now It’s Your Turn

Have you used Mother Goose Time? If so, as a grown-up, what is it that you love most about it?


If you haven’t yet tried it, which of the reasons mentioned above makes you the most excited in trying it? Or better yet, to simply using whatever resources you can to teach your child?


Leave your answers in the comments below.


If you would like more information about the Mother Goose Curriculum, which I have received for free in exchange for my honest experience with this program, visit… .

10 Reasons Your Kids Will Love Mother Goose Time Lessons 4.7.17 by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure Blog that you can find at

10 Reasons Your Kids Will Love Mother Goose Time Lessons

When was the last time your child told you that they couldn’t wait to start a lesson?


When was the last time they followed you around the house to let you know that they wanted to do a learning activity with you?


If your answer is “never”… then let me tell you that Mother Goose Time Curriculum is a resource that your children will love.

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Mother Goose Time Makes The Stars Align by Haydee Montemayor from Love and Treasure Blog you can find at

Mother Goose Time Makes The Stars Align

You know how people say that life is easier when the stars align?



Well, the Mother Goose Time Curriculum aligns the learning stars. And it makes learning easier


It helps:

  • Children have a more wholistic view about the world through their multi-disciplinary lessons
  • You teach, plus your children learn, about patterns, which will turboboost their learning.



Bringing Learning To Life Through Multi-Disciplinary Experiences 

Some of the best experiences we can have are multi-sensory. And some of the best lessons we can be part of are multidisciplinary.


Multidisciplinary lessons are lessons that are from different disciplines, which are better known as subjects such as reading, writing, math, spelling and so on.


The neat thing about having a curriculum that combines many disciplines, is that you can customize the curriculum this curriculum not only based on your child’s needs but on your memories and experiences as a family.


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